Docs 6.1 makes it easier to translate words right within your doc without having to switch between various apps owing to Translate:

@ONLYOFFICE I like but if I use FOSS programs is because I want to escape from Google's and Microsoft's spyware. These are terrible news

@werwolf, you can easily delete this plugin if you don't want to use it. Please read this guide for more details:

@werwolf @ONLYOFFICE This highlights the gap in the FOSS world - We need better FOSS translation applications. We could also use an org to help promote the creation of gaps like this.

@werwolf @ONLYOFFICE meant to say ...'creation of solutions for gaps like this'...

@aproposnix @werwolf thank you for your feedback! By the way, can you recommend any good FOSS translation app with detailed API?

@ONLYOFFICE @aproposnix idk how good is their API since I'm not a developer. But I always use Apertium which is free software. Their contact email for collaborations is

@ONLYOFFICE @werwolf I can't because from what I see there is very little out there for language translation inf the FOSS world.

Instead of google I use Lindat for Czech. I beleive they have an API but it's just for personal use.

This is by far the best Czech translation software I have ever found. It's an interesting project.

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