Version 6.1.1 of connector for ownCloud is already available! The updated integration app brings a lot of useful improvements, such as file preview generation, saving co-authors’ names in version history and more:

@ONLYOFFICE Any ETA for full ODT support? I've read through (French) , but it still feels a bit off (and oriented: I would not qualify ODT as a 'concurrent', it's the original Open Document Format, and did not require any [shady negociations]( to become an international standard.

I understand the reason to focus first on DOCX (the sheer number of users, due mostly to the intensive lobbying exercised on education ministries across the globe), but now that #OnlyOffice is quite mature, isn't it the right time to offer more choice to the end-user?

#FOSS #ODF #DOCX #Microsoft

@contact Hi! Thank you a lot for your feedback. Of course, we are definitely planning to further develop our ODT support. It's in our plans. Unfortunately, there is no exact date.

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