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Happy International Translation Day to all the translators and everyone who helps people understand each other all over the world🌍

Join our free online meeting for German-speaking universities and find out more about best offers for education. Learn how our software can help you in everyday work/study. More details in our blog:

offers reliable tools for better learning and teaching.
Get absolutely free software for schools and special discounts for higher education!

Watch this video to learn how to give a title to a table using , so that visually impaired persons can better comprehend documents you share on the Web:

Talkspirit, a French developer of digital collaboration solutions, integrated online editors to allow its users to create, work and collaborate in real time on text documents, spreadsheets and presentations without switching between multiple apps. For more details, read our blog:

Our partners from CoreWin, Ukraine, are going to hold a webinar on using editors integrated within a doc management system called Megapolis.DocNet.

The webinar will be held in Ukrainian on September 29, at 11 am (Kyiv local time).

If you want to join in, register here:

The DigitalWorkplace conference 2020 in Paris is almost over. Last photos from booth. A big thank you to our French partners from Full IP Solutions!

Our full-featured self-hosted solution Workspace (formerly known as Enterprise Edition) is now available on the OVHcloud Marketplace. More details in our blog:

booth at the DigitalWorkplace conference. Feel free to join our workshop today, 23 September, at 05:00 pm in Zoom:

goes to Paris to take part in the Digital Workplace conference. More details in our blog:

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