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Good News. I've installed arch again and I am back in business.

migrating from google services is so tough. Had an account for 6 years, used it for every service imaginable, made a youtube channel, poured all my docs into drive, and it's probably still the best search engine in terms of results.

Security & Privacy πŸ“ˆ
Convenience πŸ“‰

wtf am I doing. Never distro hop on a weekday.

Imagine if I install gentoo.

If I love it - I just found something nice and new

If I hate it - I now know I hate it and stay away from it. I gain experience and seeing as I have many problems with my distro now, I'll be able to switch to something even better.

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@sotolf @Nq the UI is relatively easy to reverse engineer, if that's your thing.

Thus, I'm a super busy person and I don't have time or reasons to use a clever "other" browser such as qutebrowser, and even less lynx.

Vivaldi suits my workflow, while respecting my privacy in a way that matters to me.

I find it to be efficient to my liking, and clean.

I was just giving a suggestion at the beginning, they decide their choices afterwards.

I gave my opinion.

non-chromium alternative to firefox that isn't bloated or spyware?

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I follow everyone with common interests. It's my way of building connections and knowledge whilst also having fun and socializing with others.

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@Nq is a totally different beast altogether. Its an entire operating system, unlike GNU + Linux. It's really hard to explain. Take a look at

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@normandc @Nq Now, I apologize for this, but 'ubuntu' actually means: I don't know how to install linux!

Almost *all* GNU/Linux distributions are "install and forget"!

why I did NOT choose ubuntu

ugly logo
no social status
ugly UI
out of the box functional; no learning experience

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@Nq stay on Arch, run a VM of Gentoo just to prove to yourself you can do it, then continue using Arch πŸ‘πŸ˜

twitter has way too many soydevs. The algorithm keeps showing me all these javascript frameworks and html life hacks 😭

Finally installed arch. Now I am socially acceptable, right?


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