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Got a bit more philosophical today, but some days just are like that, some thoughts on skepticism :)

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Day 4 of being here and I'm so glad there's no quote toot function. It's one of the main reasons Twitter is as toxic as it is. But this is a real friendly bunch anyway.

Just finished vimtutor :vim: (Vim text editor) for the first time... 10/10 hand cramps (not used to it!) haha πŸ˜… - got a bit confused on the vimrc config stuff but going to be reading the manual to help sort it out.

I'm having a blast though ! 😁

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Don't worry, be happy, smile and meet the day with a smile

Let's not take ourself or the software we use too seriously, a little bonus writing today, I promise I won't spam so often here, I just felt inspired for some reason.

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Hi there! πŸ‘‹

I decided to join after half a year contemplating switching to FOSS and GNU/Linux - the whole whatsapp controversy finally pushed me!

I'm a complete Linux/GNU newbie and I hope that I can learn the inner workings of it all. - If you have any recommendations for learning resources please let me know! - Right now i'm using Linux Journey and YouTube videos

I am using Pop_OS! - I love it - but hope to move to Arch once I get the fundamentals down πŸ‘

See ya! 😁


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