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Weird: this happens on my laptop only. When I do it on my phone, it shows a different, expected result: 5 hops through my ISP 🤔

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Anyone having problems with PyPI today? The site works flawlessly, but the packages take ages to install. Pip takes 2 minutes for what earlier happened in 10 seconds. Poetry hangs completely :(

Pylance: I am the best Python language server for VSCode!

Also Pylance: No, you can't use a List[str] as an Iterable[str], that's a no-no!

Do I not understand how Python types work? 😂

I am personally on crossroads with this.

I mean, I kinda do want at least some form of attribution for my work, so Unlicense/WTFPL is a bit too weak for me. GPLv3 looks great in terms of sharing improvements, but it's just too clunky, and it's a hassle to fork such projects as one has to include the copy in literally every file.

So I'm kinda stuck with the MIT. While I like that it's permissive, I sometimes wish it would oblige others to open-source the modifications too

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time! I want to know what licence you mostly use for your F(L)OSS projects. Imagine, you don't have to comply with anyone, and you're free to choose. Which one you'll use?

I am also interested, which traits of a licence are important to you. Stating changes? Using the same licence? Attribution?

(Licences sorted from strongest to weakest. A poll can only have 4 choices, so some had to be aggregated; I tried to put the similar ones together)

Over the last few days I have set a goal for me: increase productivity! So I opened my to-do list and started grooming it, when I noticed a few tasks, created God knows when, lying in "no date" section. I haven't seen them all this time, because my primary views are "Today" and "Next 7 Days"

This is why I have a new rule for my to-dos: always set a date! It's better to not achieve everything in one day and postpone some stuff than to forget about your duties completely 😄

So, I decided to combat all of this mess and made the metadater:

This script will find the metadata in the file name, JSON file and EXIF tags and write it to the EXIF tags and file's mtime/atime.

Since this is a hobby project, don't expect it to work flawlessly. It did work for me though 😇

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In July 2021, Google Photos will stop offering free space for your pics. This was a final nudge for me to take my photos off the platform. I did use Google Takeout, but then I noticed, that all the photos had the today's date as their mtime. Some of them had their date and GPS location set only in JSON files, some didn't even have EXIF tags.

As for me, I am trying to speak and write British English, so my websites/apps usually feature the UK flag (the pic is taken from my homepage)

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Using flags as language "logos" is never a good idea. However, it works for a lot of cases and apart from that just looks cool. But when it comes to languages like English, it becomes difficult.

Hence, the (rather statistical) question: if you were to pick a flag for "English", which one would it be? Imagine your website is region-independent, i.e. you don't have grammar/vocabulary that is different across countries.

Every day I am being reminded about the fact that technology is *not* beginner-friendly, it is *not* plug-n-play. There are almost zero environments (be it a language or a whole framework) that "just works".

The closest one are HTML/CSS/JS (especially with <script type="module"> and maybe Python, because it comes pre-installed on a lot of systems (not Windows though)

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When it comes to development environment management, Ruby is the one I just can't comprehend. I've just spent 30 minutes setting it up just to make a Jekyll blog. Then I changed a few dependencies and had to spent another 10 minutes making it run.

No wonder the internet is now littered with 2MB Gatsby blogs 🙄

After 2 painful hours were spent trying to set up Thunderbird's OpenPGP with a YubiKey I have found out that the support for it (as for the smart cards overall) was broken in version 78 🤦🏻‍♂️ one can downgrade to fix it, although launching TB from command line also does the trick 🤷🏻‍♂️

It may not seem "smart" — but in OSS, I believe, the main thing is to have clear and readable code so that people can get on board more easily.

For the same reason I have this idea on my mind for a few months now — create a very simple and readable materials for OSS repositories — such as less bureaucratic issue/PR templates, shorter Codes of Conduct and clearer Contributing Guides. Like, but for everything else. Just gotta find time for this.

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After a while I am finally awakening from my hiatus. Got to work on shareon ( yesterday.

I just realized, that while I was trying so hard to follow DRY, I ended up in a WET situation. I was chasing type conformity and unified directory for the social networks in the source code — but at the end I realize that JS shall be written as JS and CSS as CSS.

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