When GitHub was acquired by Microsoft, people started to look for a freer alternative. Self-hosting is usually the best choice, but those who can't afford it switched mostly to Sourcehut or Codeberg.

But why was GitLab never really mentioned? It's open-source, has a plethora of great features, is independent, can mirror to GitHub, has an incredible CI/CD infrastructure... I personally find it way better. Is there something I don't know or understand?


A problem that I have with self-hosting Git — lack of federation.

I can host a Mastodon instance and my posts would be seen elsewhere on the global timeline. But host a Git server — and now you're cut away from the rest of the world. People need to create accounts to contribute, the project will not hard to discover. Even I, a relatively tech-savvy person, hate it, when the development is concentrated on some in-house server — that's why I could never imagine contributing to, say, GNU projects.


I believe there's work done on that topic ?
Don't remember the project name though.

@Iutech @NickKaramoff if I recall correctly, Gitea is working on ActivityPub support

@NickKaramoff But you can push and pull from multiple Git remotes so it is distributed. Git's really versatile! I can host my own git server and someone can clone it to their own server and we can pull from each other's trees with ease if needed. Or convert commits to patches and share those. We can even share a clone of our repos publicly.
Public sharing of commits across a federated platform doesn't seem too related or even needed for Git.

@lyndon good point! But issues and PRs are also a big thing for me. Working purely in Git and having to communicate via E-Mail is too hard for beginners and clunky even for the experienced

@NickKaramoff Both PRs and Issues are extra sugar in regards to git in my opinion, but you can use stuff like Gitea with relative ease (it'll run a Raspberry Pi apparently)

@NickKaramoff There's a reason why a lot of people prefer mailing lists.

@NickKaramoff About Gitlab, I believe only the frontend to it is free and when it comes to the backend, they are no better than Github.
And I totally relate to you, I moved away from Github to Gitlab but I believed that it was no better than Github. I have recently moved to Codeberg. Like you I also prefer issues and pull requests.
So my solution to this is to keep both a Github and a Codeberg account. I use Github for contributing and reporting issues but do all my work on Codeberg.

@uwucookie I love the CI/CD of GitLab, and luckily they also offer it for repos not hosted there 🙏

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