Many recommend doing a spring cleaning of one’s passwords: make sure they’re not leaked, secure enough, and still relevant.

While generally being a good advice, it might be overwhelming for people like me with 300+ passwords in their vault.

That’s why, starting today, every day is a spring cleaning for me. Set a timer for 10–20 minutes and monitor as many accounts as you can!

My checklist includes, but is not limited to:

• do I still need this account?
• does it have a long enough (yet not too long) password with various symbols?
• does the provider support 2FA and if yes, is it enabled?
• does the account use my own (not Google’s) email?
• does the account (for some reason) store too much data on me
• are all the URLs up-to-date?


I’ve already been sifting through some stuff in March and April this year, and I was able to reduce my entry count from 400+ to “just” 350! It’s insane how many useless accounts one might have. GDPR is certainly a saviour here — even if you don’t live in Europe, many sites are obliged to implement the corresponding mechanisms for those who do!

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