Today’s “invention”: a Handler for Python’s `logging` that logs to either stdout or stderr based on the log record’s level

Pretty sure there already exists a solution, but I couldn’t find any 🤷‍♂️

@NickKaramoff May I ask why do you need to print logs to different streams depending on the level? I think all (or at least most of) logs should go to stderr

@yyp well, IMO, stderr is for errors (and warnings).

Even when I want to tell user something, that isn't very important (like "Doing X...", "Finished Y"), I still want to log it. I do it to the file as well as to the console, but if the user doesn't care, he can simply do `program > /dev/null` and only receive the error output, without me needing to maintain a CLI option for "quiet" or "verbosity"

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