Any recommendations for a PDF viewer for Windows? Preferably open-source, of course, but to be honest with you I'm ready to use anything that isn't Adobe Reader 🤮

Alright, I have done some testing and here's my verdict:

— Sumatra (@sotolf, @iooioio) — really snappy — love it!
— Foxit (@sotolf, @kev) — not open-source, but free and the only one that supports XFA
— muPDF (@yyp) — dead simple (maybe too simple 😅) and doesn't work as good on big PDFs as Sumatra does
— XpdfReader — similar to Sumatra: really snappy and with cleaner (albeit uglier) interface
— Okular (@yyf) — couldn't install since it's only available in MS Store :(

My final strategy: use SumatraPDF or XpdfReader for everyday PDF files, use Foxit for XFA support and more functionality

All the programs are magnitudes better than Adobe Reader 🤣

@NickKaramoff I used to run mupdf under WSL + VcXsrv (or something, don't remember the name). Works just fine. Also I think KDE ported Okular to Windows.

@NickKaramoff There is sumatra and foxit at least, those are two that we've been using.

@NickKaramoff I tend to use Foxit. Not sure if it’s open source, but it’s very good.

@NickKaramoff I really liked in my Windows days. That's a long time ago and I don't even remember if it's open-source though.

@NickKaramoff if you need an app only for reading pdf Sumatra will be enough for you. It's lightweight and open source.

@NickKaramoff @iooioio @kev @yyp I love this :D great work with the comming back, and I'm sure this will be helpful for others looking for pdf viewers as well :)

@NickKaramoff In my Windows years, I also used Foxit and then moved to Sumatra.

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