Anyone having problems with PyPI today? The site works flawlessly, but the packages take ages to install. Pip takes 2 minutes for what earlier happened in 10 seconds. Poetry hangs completely :(


Weird: this happens on my laptop only. When I do it on my phone, it shows a different, expected result: 5 hops through my ISP 🤔

The problem is back, and it's... IPv6

Now when I try to ping/traceroute the IPv4 address of PyPI, it works flawlessly. But when I input "", my network prefers the IPv6 address and finds no route to host 🤔

I guess it's the ISP problem because I can't get past the first hop

I can't even connect to the IPv6 address directly; does my provider block it?

Aw, shucks. I guess I have to phone them...

Although I can now see, that even IPv6 DNS servers are not accessible. Seems like something is wrong in the whole infrastructure...

Rebooting the computer (or even, turning IPv6 on and off) seems to solve the issue every time...

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