Using flags as language "logos" is never a good idea. However, it works for a lot of cases and apart from that just looks cool. But when it comes to languages like English, it becomes difficult.

Hence, the (rather statistical) question: if you were to pick a flag for "English", which one would it be? Imagine your website is region-independent, i.e. you don't have grammar/vocabulary that is different across countries.

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As for me, I am trying to speak and write British English, so my websites/apps usually feature the UK flag (the pic is taken from my homepage)

@NickKaramoff If you use the American flag you have to make sure it's at a 1st grade reading level! I kid. But seriously Americans are used to seeing the British flag as representing English. You wouldn't have a Canadian flag for French, would you?

@MrDers well, it varies! A lot of Russian websites use the US flag for the English language ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

@NickKaramoff why stop at countries? English is almost more varied between Massachusetts and Louisiana than it is between the Midwest and London... I agree using flags is dumb for language.

@NickKaramoff I'm an American and the UK flag being used for English makes perfect sense to me.

@koreymoffett @NickKaramoff Likewise I am from the UK and a USA flag makes sense.

I've seen custom half UK/half US icons which I liked.

@NickKaramoff I remember seeing in some game I forgot where they have one icon showing both US and UK flag half-half diagonally

@bredlof ahh, that's what I've been trying to do earlier! Figured it looks rather messy than helpful ๐Ÿ˜



As you said it's a bad idea, there are Unicode-character for languages, so you can let the client decide how to display it.

Or you try to find out where the user is and use that icon of the closest location with that language.

How about French BTW? French? Belgium? Swizerland? Algeria?

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