When it comes to development environment management, Ruby is the one I just can't comprehend. I've just spent 30 minutes setting it up just to make a Jekyll blog. Then I changed a few dependencies and had to spent another 10 minutes making it run.

No wonder the internet is now littered with 2MB Gatsby blogs 🙄

Every day I am being reminded about the fact that technology is *not* beginner-friendly, it is *not* plug-n-play. There are almost zero environments (be it a language or a whole framework) that "just works".

The closest one are HTML/CSS/JS (especially with <script type="module"> and maybe Python, because it comes pre-installed on a lot of systems (not Windows though)

@NickKaramoff python has the whole virtual env fiasco though which makes it annoying. Node is the easiest imo. However, if we don't mind a more complex language, rust has a really nice ecosystem that just works. Possibly even go (but I don't know much go, so I could be wrong here)

@NickKaramoff You are not alone. I've been using Jekyll for blogs for awhile and it's always a pita setting up in a new environment or upgrading. I switched to Pelican (Python) which is much simpler and way faster but more diy.

I'll avoid Ruby in the future if possible.

@tomosaigon thank you for your heads up! Perhaps Pelican will suit me better for this 😁

@NickKaramoff honestly depending on what you are doing with Gatsby even Gatsby is a pita. Try setting up regular tests using Jest with Gatsby and 45 minutes later I have all the config files set up and have to rewrite the tests to fit the Gatsby rhythm. Sticking with straight HTML/CSS/JS is the best choice nowadays for simple stuff.

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