After a while I am finally awakening from my hiatus. Got to work on shareon ( yesterday.

I just realized, that while I was trying so hard to follow DRY, I ended up in a WET situation. I was chasing type conformity and unified directory for the social networks in the source code — but at the end I realize that JS shall be written as JS and CSS as CSS.

It may not seem "smart" — but in OSS, I believe, the main thing is to have clear and readable code so that people can get on board more easily.

For the same reason I have this idea on my mind for a few months now — create a very simple and readable materials for OSS repositories — such as less bureaucratic issue/PR templates, shorter Codes of Conduct and clearer Contributing Guides. Like, but for everything else. Just gotta find time for this.

@NickKaramoff Yeah non-clever code is usually easier to maintain, and code that is easier to maintain will be maintained better :)

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