shareon β€” lightweight, stylish and ethical share buttons that I made β€” now include a button for Mastodon!

To celebrate this (and for testing purposes), I have joined FOSStodon πŸŽ‰ This post is sent using shareon and toot ( β€” pretty nifty!

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@NickKaramoff I don't really mean to be a buzz kill, but how does this differ from implementing the links in CSS/HTML without JS?

@nathand @NickKaramoff I guess the point is being able to just add buttons with a given class name to your markup and automatically get the correct links. Otherwise you would need to go to the documentation of each service and figure out the correct links.

@naavis @nathand yup, you're right. I just wanted to create something that can be very quickly set up and looks nice by default :)

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