Im surfing on #gemini for the first time and I get a surprising feeling of "calmness", no cookies, no popups, no images, no headers, alles gut 💛

Some #smolZINE printing tests. Printing from the Palm PDA to the pocket printer via IR. Finally was able to get the word search to print monospaced with the Courier font like it should be. I like the other font for the rest as its more compact and looks nicer for reading. #gemini

This free version of #Ariane is no longer under development. All 3rd-party contributions have been removed from the project and a new iteration called '#Seren' will be available on the Play Store as a paid-for app soon.

#Deedum updated 7 month ago. I don't have good #Gemini browser for android.


When you think of it… HTML stands for "HyperText Markup Language". Hypertext is defined as "text with links".

But HTML nowadays just webapps, webapps and nothing else!

#Gemini is more deserving of the "hyper" title, because it's exactly what it is: text and links. 😆

I didn't know about at all, today I discovered this protocol, and it gives me so much nostalgia, it feels so good to read articles and websites in a Gemini terminal browser, like the good and old days of the internet: simple and direct to the point, no ads, annoyances, etc. :ablobcatheart:


Wow: "we received a report... of a vulnerability that would allow an attacker to publish new versions of any npm package... This vulnerability existed in the npm registry beyond the timeframe for which we have telemetry to determine whether it has ever been exploited maliciously"



I was today years old when I learnt `document.all` is a special edge case that is falsy in #JavaScript 🌹


@alexandra @Jaqueek Subpixel antialiasing and font hinting can have its own book (books?) too. To do that, TrueType uses a virtual machine and embeds bytecode in fonts.

This is the instruction set of the TrueType machine.

"What is your favorite CPU architecture?"


Q: What do you Google EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. and never just memorize?

A: How to make a tar file...

A2: at least extracting is easy (say it in a german accent) tar -xzf "xtract ze files"



what is your experience with hosting your own mail server? Do solutions like Mail-in-a-Box work? Is it a lot of pain to self-host?

“Once, men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.”

Excerpt From
Frank Herbert's Dune - 1965

It blows my fuckin mind that Frank Herbert saw this coming.


📐 You can align fields when doing string formatting in Python 🐍

You can specify the width after the colon `:`, and you can use <^> to pick different alignment directions.

It's easy to remember: the tip of the symbol points in the same direction as the alignment itself!


@erion Szia! Tegnap láttam, hogy a gemini oldaladon van egy (nagyon jó) magyar poszt ("A világom 2050-ben"). Nekem is van kapszulám, és már két másik magyar geminautával sikerült megismerkednem. Mivel nagyon kevés még a magyar tartalom, jó lenne, ha kölcsönösen linkelnénk egymás kapszulájára, hogy könnyebb legyen megtalálni. Az én listám itt van: gemini://

a modern command line app is when you use ╭ ╮ ╰ ╯ for corners when drawing boxes

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