I have a friend who accepts and embraces the surveillance capitalism of Google & co. I have tried to explain to him that "If you don't pay you're the product" etc. but nothing worked.

He is of the opinion that paying with his data is pretty OK and seems almost happy to have found that alternative source of "income" to pay for services.

Of course, for the longest time I was too baffled to put words on how wrong that opinion was.

But today it occurred to me that this situation is pretty close to being an African country exploited for your rare-earths.

It's like having free fuel because you let BP exploit that oil well in your backyard.

After all, it's not like you were going to do anything with it yourself...

@Naughtylus This is soo related to my parents. I told them to not use chrome and use another chromium. In fact I disabled and downloaded brave. But they insisted that it should be chrome and nothing else.

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