@Naughtylus This is fantastic, got quite a few laughs. Probably the most egregious thing (because it possibly could happen and wasn't just plain ol' malevolence) was months being sorted alphabetically. Either way, got it done in 06:25

@cirno I couldn't even get rid of the clock, I have no idea what you're talking about, I haven't even been this far

@Naughtylus What clock? You mean the "Hurry up" message that comes up every minute? In the corner there is the Close button, with C replaced with the copyright symbol.

@Naughtylus 5:55 for me. That was fun, thanks for sharing!

@Naughtylus @kev they say society has taken a dark turn when reality is more satirical than satire.

That so many ‘marketing led’ websites have an alarming resemblance to userinyerface suggests we are in dark times indeed...

@metalune I honestly don't know... Maybe they were trying to set an example of what not to do here as well?

This is hilarious I love it.

how do you get past the password/email? The next button doesn't do anything

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