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I would tend to agree with that. My personal reason why ortholinear feels better is for touch typing.

One day I basically decided to go all-in and learn Dvorak and touch typing on my new Ergodox EZ (ortho split keyboard). Right now I'm typing this on a regular staggered keyboard and I can tell you my left hand is having a hard time finding the right (!) keys on the bottom row.

Ortho is much easier to place your fingers by feel.

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@Naughtylus @arran @sotolf @hund Hey, I love typing games! I'll share this other I have been using these days:


Ooh nice, I got to wave 009!

But Zen Typing is actually a game I made

So any feedback is appreciated :)

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@Naughtylus @arran @sotolf @hund I got to 15 on Qwerty and 4 on Dvorak 😂

Cool to know, I will check it!

@Naughtylus @arran @sotolf @hund Ooooh, so it is a game to learn the abstract skill of touch typing. That's a cool concept! It might be useful to experiment the feel of touch-typing. Sadly I can not experiment it, since I have touch typed since I can remember (lessons as child). I'll keep it handy for people who could find it interesting.

@Naughtylus @arran @sotolf @hund Also, how does it work on keys positions instead of letters? WTF

@Naughtylus @taamas Seems like ortholinear / columner and dvorak is trending! I ordered a Moonlander Mk1 (same manufacturer) and swapped over to dvorak on the 2nd day I got it.

I am quite happy with it. Very comfy :blobcatjustright:

@robby @taamas Well I've read some criticism about Dvorak and have been meaning to learn the Workman layout ever since, but never got the time.

@Naughtylus @robby Could you share criticism of Dvorak? I have read some Dvorak vs Colemak posts and Dvorak seems better in all ways for my personal use case. Pros of Colemak seem to be more similarity with qwerty and same position of ZXCV for keybindings, both of which are irrelevant for me. Pros of Dvorak are no qwerty inspiration and more comfy :vim: movement keys.

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Honesty, that guy just convinced me haha I don't know why.

Next layout I try is the Workman layout.

@arran tagging you as well, since you seem to be wanting to learn a new layout.

For :vim: I just use the arrow keys they're right under my indexes and middles on my ergodox.

Generally speaking I prefer my fingers extending and curling to them going sideways, but that's a very minor inconvenience, and I do enjoy Dvorak.

@Naughtylus @robby @arran Haha, not much against Dvorak. Also I will use the Spanish version, which swaps h and r and keeps the symbols from qwerty (which I actually hate). Don't know, don't know. There is a ton of debate in all directions on the web. Whem I have a QMK keyboard I guess I will tweak until I have something that works for me.


Yeah I wouldn't fret too much over it, since you can basically choose your own layout key by key, just go with the one you find the most elegant (maybe you like how dvorak puts all the vowels on the left home row) and then you can tweak it when you find weird finger moves. Especially since you won't be typing English all the time, the letter frequencies won't match.

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