#Jami does an amazing job of allowing two or more people to do #voice or video chat without any centralized servers involved. But I'm having a lot of trouble getting it to sync my contacts and text messages between apps on different devices, even when I have them open and running at the same time for quite a while. It's also too easy to lose your account if users remove the apps from all their devices without making a backup, and that doesn't seem to be possible with the #Android app.

The UI of the #Jami mobile app is pretty good, but it could use work on the desktop client. Here's a side-by-side comparison with the #Wire desktop client, on the default desktop of #Trisquel GNU/Linux. The differences are subtle, and hard to fully appreciate without seeing them in use, but something about the Wire UI just feels more ... polished. If I could even had the option to change the colours in Jami to a darker palette, that would help I think.

... and here's the Jami screenshot. Note that despite the fact I'm pulling this directly from their repo, it's still using the old #GNU #Ring branding (Jami is still part of the GNU Project but they seem to be playing that down a bit in the visual branding since the rename).

@strypey Please note that the desktop client (jami-gnome) is a app and tries to follow the global gtk theme (at least to some extent)


@strypey Also, Wire is an app (basically an embedded website) so comparing them isn't very fair as electron apps trade good looks with resource consumption

@Naughtylus Electron is neither here nor there. Take #Transmission and #qBitTorrent, both native apps. Transmission has an elegant UI, minimal info per element, intuitive to navigate, tweaked a bit for each platform it runs on, but consistent across them. qBitTorrent is a great BT client, but the UI is a screaming hot mess that looks like a 1990s era Windows app. Jami isn't nearly as bad as it could be, but there's plenty of room for improvement. The Android app is much better than on GNU/Linux.

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