let haters () = "Python is a functional language"

@Naughtylus There's two topics that come to mind this way:

1) Haskell has proven very useful for implementing my own CSS styling engine.
2) Have you heard about the Reduceron, a CPU designed specifically for functional languages?

@alcinnz @Naughtylus FUNCTIONAL HARDWARE??????
*brain melts from excitement*

@thufie @Naughtylus It's being prototyped on FPGAs now, but even at a significantly slower clockrate it's already quite competitive.


@alcinnz @thufie

In the meantime I've seen this


which almost made me buy an arduino on the spot, though I've no idea what I'd do with it 😂

@alcinnz @thufie @Naughtylus That went into my Zotero library very quickly, thank you very much.

@Naughtylus the fediverse seems to be full of anarchists who don't need no state

@Naughtylus have you heard of loeb and moeb? ;)

Alternatively: Lens s t a b = forall f . Functor f => (a -> f b) -> s -> f t


@Drezil I will be honest: I don't know enough haskell to fully appreciate the intricacies of those functions. I'm not sure I even understand it.

But that was part of the point: To get people to share interesting things, for other people (not only me) to discover.

So thank you, I'll maybe come back to this in a few years when I'm more knowledgeable

@Naughtylus the first one was meant as a satirical comment. The second one is isomorphic to a getter/setter-pair, but in a single function which can be parametrized & composited to view/change deeply nested structures, yet remain pure & performant.

After compiling a get is basically compiled to a MOV with the right pointer

@Naughtylus skillsmatter.com/legacy_profil - you probably watch best from bottom to top (old to recent).
Managing Parallelism, The first Lenses-Talk and Linear Haskell are real gems ;)

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