I've been lurking here for a while now thought I might officially introduce myself. I am a software developer, cartographer, FOSS enthusiast, and bird watcher. I love to develop in and on with an

Hello! welcome to fedi :)
seems we have quite a bit in common, between vim, ergodex, and FOSS software
hope you find a comfortable abode here on fedi

@y0x3y @chaptuck Oh hi there fellows ergodox users!

What's your layout and why?

@Naughtylus @chaptuck i'm using a custom layout that has a bunch of shortcuts tied to my WM so that i can easily move around my computer without a mouse. the keys are layed out in dvorak and i have a couple layers for special characters. the thumb buttons control my wm

how about you?


@y0x3y @chaptuck


I need to be able to type French accented letters, so I had to remap a French Canadian QWERTY and not a classic US QWERTY, which means I had to fight a bit with the online configurator to find where the symbols where in trial and error manner.

I'm also not quite happy with the mirrored layer. I thought it was a good idea for one-hand typing, but I don't use it that often.

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