Hi guys I'm new here hope to find friends that loves linux as me 😎. I love Linux + Raspberry pi


@Madiator2011Gaming Welcome! Are you trying to play on linux?

Open-source pro gamer here 😎 (not really though)

@Naughtylus Ye I manage to run Overwatch on Linux. Sadly last thing that keeps me on Windows is my VR Headset that's require Windows 10. What distro you recomend for games?

@Madiator2011Gaming I would recommend any rolling release distro so you get the latest versions of your games and/or emulators and compatibility layers.

I'm on Arch, but if you don't want the pain of the installation, you can try Antergos (same repos).

If you're sick of breaking your install with every upgrade though, and seek more stability then try Fedora or Mint.

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