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Native Android apps on Linux.

So I took some time to shape out and write down my thoughts. And now I'd like the opinion of experts on the subject (or anyone with objective criticism).


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I'm a software developer. I believe in Libre software , decentralisation, encryption by default, and also functional programming.

I currently am on with .

Unordered set of stuff I like:
- Steampunk
- Cycling
- Goa Trance
- Uplifting Trance
- Synthwave
- Electro Swing
- Nightcore

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ContentDB now supports reviews!

Head to your favourite (or least) content and review it. The better reviews a package receives, the higher it'll appear in the content list.

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What do the following have in common?

- Disrupting industries with the gig economy and removing long-term job security
- Gambling marketed to children via loot boxes in games
- Spam emails and unwanted newsletters
- Subversive ads masquarading as genuine news articles
- Treating personal data as a commodity to be bought and sold

It's an attribute they share with the following:

- 2008 financial crisis
- BP oil spill
- Private prisons
- The bananna wars

The answer: the profit motive.

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thinking about self driving cars, but the cars are longer, with capacity for about 90 people per car. and maybe we could simplify the decision-making of the AI by providing a set path and schedule that they would adhere to. perhaps a physical mechanism on which the self-driving car could always be on, something like a rail to minimize them going off path and being a danger to cyclists or pedestrians. anyone in Silicon Valley want to fund this? we could even chain the cars together to maximize efficiency.

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Fediverse: I (the whitest, cishet-est person imaginable) have been unexpectedly put on the diversity & inclusion team at $dayjob. Our task is to make recommendations to the bosses and the board on how to improve our practices and make our workplace more welcoming for everyone.

I want to use this platform to do an excellent job. So please help me! What resources should I be looking at, what best practices are there, who should I talk with? This is in the UK if this matters at all.

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Would be nice to have an option to not only backup own toots but also toots that I replied to, so that my backup contains the full conversations.

Wouldn't it?

#mastodev #mastodon #feature #mastofeature

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This is an awesome game to discover how our fundamental resource trust works

##Trust #Economics #Psychology #game

WASM is like the Rosetta Stone of the Internet. You can write in the language you like, and compile it to WASM. Then any browser on any OS on any machine is able to understand it.

What if the W3C designed a WASM for *human-to-human communication* ?

A language you could drop down to for human interaction when you can't share your thoughts natively.

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ontario is adding coding to the elementary math curriculum which is cool but can we also make ethics a mandatory part of tech classes so we hopefully end up with fewer techbros

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In the battle with proprietary software open source eventually won, but it wasn't quite the victory which its early proponents had imagined. In the late 1990s the idea was that open source enabled companies to hire consultants to tailor publicly licensed software to their exact needs. What we eventually ended up with were giant monopoly companies delivering generic SaaS, mostly with OSI licenses.

By switching from the personal computer to the cloud data center the proprietarians managed to capture the digital commons and wield it to their own ends, resulting in giant profits. Very much the opposite of the small bespoke software companies of the 1990s. Today it doesn't really matter whether Facebook is running proprietary or public software. They problem is that they became infrastructural, and that's not something which open source ever had the ability to challenge.

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Legal review in #openSUSE is a slow process (euphemism...) but sometimes you find interesting things.

Did you know that the #Qt base module ships code that can only be distributed in its original zip file ( QTBUG-81503) or that #CSound releases contain code that cannot be distributed ( ?

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