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So, I'd like some feedback on this game that I'm making on my free time 🔍

I'm especially interested in feedback from people using a non-latin based keyboard as I don't know how these work. I'm thinking , , , , ? etc. 🌏

Is this game still relevant and accessible to you? ⌨️

Here's a link to a longer description (in English):

and the link to the game itself:

Boosts welcome! 😊

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It's been two years now, and I should probably update that...

I still believe in all those things, but now I also believe in Rust 🦀 ! (I like it even better than FP !)

I've since moved to :nixos: and :plasma:, and am not looking back !

Also, I make free little games with the little free time I have, check 'em out !

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What do you use to write?

(Comment if you want to give details. Do boost, especially if on a writer-centric instance)

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looking for work 

Hello fedi, as I'm looking for work, would you please lend me a hand and spread the word?

In short, I can do Chinese--English / English--Chinese translations. And I'm pretty good at it.

I used to translate for the New York Times. After getting my PhD in physics, I worked for the publisher SpringerNature as an editor, but my experience there only further radicalised me against the unethical practice of "academic publishing", and I quitted.

My career in science also saw me accumulating 15+ years' experience with C/C++/Python, contributing to projects such as scipy, numpy, etc. That made me a decent tech writer of documentations, too.

I actually quite enjoy translating -- so much so that I have a page set up for that ->

Samples are available on request. I am capable of most commercial translation projects in Chinese/English. In my spare time, my language skills are further honed by my Ukrainian/Russian/French/Sanskrit/Old English projects.

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Imagine you have a movie with a fitting subtitle file, but it's the wrong language. So you download subtitles in the right language ... but find they're misaligned to your movie file. Or imagine that you would like to learn a language by watching foreign movies with subtitles, but your vocabulary isn't great, and you would prefer to have subtitles both in a language you know *and* the language you're learning.

About 9 years ago I wrote a browser-based tool (which runs locally entirely!) called "dualtitles" which provides a convenient interface for facilitating these usecases (load subtitles, align them, export them). As it apparently broke some time ago (due to browser API changes) I now refurbished it and brought it back to mint condition. Enjoy. (⌒‿⌒)

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SnowflakeOS is a NixOS-based Linux distribution with the goal of providing the stability and reproducibility of NixOS while being easy to use and accessible to non-programmers. For more information, check out this post on the NixOS discourse:
#NixOS #SnowflakeOS

Idk why but listening to just makes me want to laugh. Is this weird? Is that just me?

I mean I had the dumb idea to do that at work and I was smirking awkwardly all day in an effort to keep my laughter...

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Three things are hard in computer science:
0. Off-by-one errors
3. Concurrent
1. Naming things processing
2. Cache invalidation

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New Release: 0 A.D. Alpha 26: Zhangzi - is out NOW for Windows and macOS!
Should be on Linux in the coming weeks. Until then you are free to compile it, wait for the appimage, the snap, or flatpak.
#0AD #Alpha26 #aoe #indiegamedev #indie #opensource

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This is important, my PreCalculus math teacher once told me this:

"Most people live mediocre lives. They never do anything important. They think people who can do things differently are weird.

They never tell you that you can snuff out candle flames with your hand if you can control your breathing.

Why? Because we live in one of those dystopias where you all are the common people who are brainwashed, and I want to get you out of that.

You only live one life. Live it to the fullest, please."

I mean if you're reading this here, you already don't need much convincing, but it can be good material to convince your friends and family to drop social media.

Plus, you can learn a lot about how engagement works on social platforms

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The Social Dilemma

I'm 30mins in, and it's great.

You should watch it. Really.

Pirate it if you want, there's no excuse

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✨ Sara, the OpenGameArt mascot, but in my style.

The references and my remake.
A derivation from an original design by Mandi Paugh.
#krita #mastoart #opengameart
(CW: eyecontact)

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🕹️ Title: Zero-K
🦊️ What's: A libre SP/MP sci-fi RTS game, with a simple economy based on metal & energy
🔖 #Linux #Flagship #Game #Strategy #RTS #Robots #Libre #Bin #RPM #Arch
📖 Our entry:

🥁️ Update:➜
⚗️ Major update
📌️ Changes:
🔍️ Review: 💖️ One of my favorite


Meanwhile, in a parallel universe...

The fact that I can run on a modern beast and run basically all the apps I'm used to with it is... surreal? Unsettling? I'm not sure how to describe it

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Poll time! Do you use the NotebookBar user interface in LibreOffice? (Available in the menu, via View > User Interface> Tabbed)

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Experiment: Stable Diffusion Ai (left) and Krita paint-over (right).
In short, this process is tedious. Fixing anatomy issues of the Ai takes a lot of time. Also, some parts are just too random to make sens (she eats chocolate? ) but I'll keep testing, many new possibilities!🍫

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