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So, I'd like some feedback on this game that I'm making on my free time 🔍

I'm especially interested in feedback from people using a non-latin based keyboard as I don't know how these work. I'm thinking , , , , ? etc. 🌏

Is this game still relevant and accessible to you? ⌨️

Here's a link to a longer description (in English):

and the link to the game itself:

Boosts welcome! 😊

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It's been two years now, and I should probably update that...

I still believe in all those things, but now I also believe in Rust 🦀 ! (I like it even better than FP !)

I've since moved to :nixos: and :plasma:, and am not looking back !

Also, I make free little games with the little free time I have, check 'em out !

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Native Android apps on Linux.

So I took some time to shape out and write down my thoughts. And now I'd like the opinion of experts on the subject (or anyone with objective criticism).


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I'm in an on and off relationship with . I really love the editor, but at the end of the day, I end up with . But learning the basics of Vim :vim: can be beneficial to anybody:

In the 2. part Matthieu Cneude explains more concepts, some of them making Vim truly special compared to other editors.

The 3. part will help you unleash a power never seen on earth using the almighty Vim:

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Has anyone tried to build on ?

I'm trying to resurrect a Moto G (2014) LTE but I don't want to fall too far down the rabbit hole before at least asking.

I'll post updates in this thread. Star if you want me to tag you.

Youtube link 

CGP Grey's instructions for a healthy lockdown (it's never too late)

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Anyone else here got VR?

Would love to do some kind of virtual meetup.

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@zorglub Je crois que le plus épique, c'est ce moment de l'histoire.


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#iFixit looked at #Teracube 2e, #Librem 5, and our #Fairphone 3… smartphones that all have one important thing in common: They aren’t glued shut. 📱 🙌

Take a look:

#daretocare #modularity #repairability #rightorepair

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Rust ownership, the hard way

"In order to truly understand Rust, one needs to understand its crucial differentiating feature: ownership. Let’s go through it in detail the hard way."

#rust #borrowck

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@chris because it keep your ass from getting identity thefted

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Somebody must be writing a Rust IDE in Rust

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As someone with several years of C++ experience but little in C or Rust, I find Rust way more readable.

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@Apitronics @Serpico I was working on Amore, but life, grad school, etc. I still think a Fediverse oriented dating app would be a good idea, but not one I'll be able to devote time to in the near future.

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7 tracks of #techno and #electro performed mostly live on a mix of commercial and #DIY synthesizers, recorded to #cassette . my homemade modular synth is used throughout, lots of crunchy analog sounds.

Available on Bandcamp:

CC-BY - Free to use, remix, etc,

🔁 Please boost if you know anybody who likes this sort of thing :-) 🔁

Who's played here?

For the life of me I can't figure out how to craft leather items...

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✔ Mastofication of #Germany ~ 81% complete

Original SVG source by Roman Poulvas, David Liuzzo (Wikipedia)


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This was a big step for me towards enjoying video game making. Before that realization, I would endlessly loathe myself for abandoning projects after having a game engine working, or I would force myself through a gauntlet of tasks I didn’t enjoy.

Do what you like.

to me and anyone else who needs to hear this

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Uber will never, ever be profitable. The company admitted as much in its IPO filing, where it said that profitability depended on every public transit system in the world being replaced with Uber. The company lost *$4b* in the first half of 2020,

If you think the first half of 2020 was bad, you should see the second half of 2020: *Uber lost $6.8b more!* As usual, transportation analyst Hubert Horan has the absolute best context on the company's haemorrhagic losses.


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Reminder that GitLab is not your friend and "open core"/freemium/proprietary (re)licensing is inherently hostile to community.

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