Sensitive weekend. This happened 17 years ago on the Bank Holiday Friday. 2 weeks later my right foot was amputated. All because somebody thought it a good idea to park opposite a junction and compound the error by not making an effective observation when pulling away and immediately crossing my path into that junction.

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Just a reminder for anyone riding their bikes in the UK today. It's Bank Holiday and the crazies are out in force. Keep the shiny side up.

Having lurked on here for quite some time and realising that I've rudely commented on some toots, without introducing myself, I thought I'd better take the plunge.

I'm Murray. Been around for 61+ years, 22 of which were spent messing around at sea in the Royal Navy, but still havent really grown up.

Not a great expert at anything but play around with , and a few other things that take my fancy.

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