@DuckDuckGo I saw one the other day. I'm glad DDG is getting more publicity

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That's more like it. Damn, that means I have to work now.

The wifi in my home office is driving me crazy. Time to Macgyver a repeater.

@yarmo I dual boot one of my laptops at home, one is a windows 10 machine, and my work computer is also windows 10. That said, outside of work 90% of my computing is via phone

@resynth1943 looking at the date on that article it's from 2011.

@resynth1943 and I loved Firefox....oh well. Time to play with new browsers.

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@ataraxia937 Same. I love FOSS, but I also have nothing against using proprietary software

Installed Termux on my Galaxy S9. Loving having a terminal on my phone in case I need it.

When you decide to update both work computers at the same time...

I use the Windows Subsystem for Linux every day at work. I'm excited for WSL2 to come out so I can do even more with it.

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Microsoft built its own package manager for Windows, Linux GUI apps and GPU hardware acceleration are coming to Windows 10, and DirectX is coming to WSL.

*looks up, checks for pigs flying*

@greypilgrim I've been using Mint for two years now, and it's been great (and cheap!), and I am always disappointed by the network with AT&T

I have an iPhone 8 on AT&T for work and a Samsung Galaxy S9 on Mint Mobile (using T-Mobile's network) for my personal phone. Just had to work while in the car and so was using my work hotspot. Horrendously slow. Switched to my Mint network and it was so much faster. Must love real world tests.

@toxision its a surface pro 3. I have a stack of laptops but the sp3 is my work computer and I have one for home, so switching between docks is easier.

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