That's more like it. Damn, that means I have to work now.

When you decide to update both work computers at the same time...

Well setting my coffee cup down was apparently heavy enough to knock the corner off this. I guess demolition and cleanup were added to today's agenda.

I feel like I'm late to the party for this, but better late than never.

Minor upgrade. I got sick of using only my laptop screen so I busted out an old tv to use as a monitor. Baby steps.

Since I haven't mustered up the willpower to clear out the room that is going to be my office, here's my , an IKEA table in my basement with my laptop on it.

When you get to spend your day in the fancy room....

Added my new Tux sticker to the Linux Surface! Couldn't bring myself to get rid of M$ ninja cat, just because it amuses me though

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