I just found out that one of our users has filled up his Office365 Mailbox. That is 99 gigabytes of emails.

I'm both shocked and impressed at this level of record keeping...

@Mundon WTH?!?!

I'm getting ready to migrate our company over to O365 and i figured 50GB of emails is more than enough for anyone...guess not for this person.

Is it good record keeping or bad email management?

@mgrondin Very bad email management.

This person hasn't deleted an email since 2010.

@Mundon just today my one drive sync failed with "out of space".

The cloud is now officially full.

@fedops I guess it's time for some rain then...or something.

@Mundon I had a user with offline PSTs totaling some 142gb, in addition to her 50gb online mailbox.

She lost them all when the disk failed.

@Mundon An old boss of mine had a 32gb pst file. He was upset about using O365, so I had to set O365 up with POP3 to retain his pst file...

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