I was informed today that when we go back to working in the office I'll be expected to be one of the people to be there most of the time.

I've become used to rolling out of bed and just turning my computer on. This will be a readjustment.

I'm into my second week back at the office. After 14 months it's an adjustment. I share a room with a coworker (we're 4 in normal circumstances) so we have to wear masks full time, but we're told by next week it will no longer be required.

On the plus side I get to resume bicycle commuting, and I eat less for lunch. Unfortunately the scale is still not budging. Hoping to lose the covid weight gain. 🙄


@normandc Yeah, I'm hoping to lose the pandemic pounds as well, but I also ate worse at work than I did at home...so we'll see if it actually changes or not.

Good luck, I'm sure bicycle commuting will be great though!

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