So, I bought a PineTime Watch and it's going to be arriving soon (yay!). I'm thinking of teaching myself Rust to fully appreciate the Dev kit, but I have zero coding experience.

Fediverse, do you have an advice on where to start teaching myself?

@Mundon really keen to hear about how you get on with the Pine Watch!

@eddie I'm excited for it too. I currently have a low end fitness tracker that I got for Christmas as my "smart watch", but the PineTime will be a fun project watch to learn more about IoT.

@Mundon totally agree. You've convinced me - I'm going to go for one as well!

Automate the boring stuff with Python is a good start for programming in general.
The official book is very beginner friendly though some knowledge of basics like functions, variables, loops, etc is required.
Hope you have fun with your dev kit!

@Mundon I had no idea Pine was doing a watch! Thank you for the link - I just ordered a dev kit too :)

@Mundon Join the #pinetime community on the chat rooms😉. And read all articles from @lupyuen about the pinetime and rust embedded!

@JF @lupyuen I will definitely be checking that all out! Thanks :)

@Mundon I originally learnt Rust with Rust by Example, I think it’s very good:

Not sure about Rust, but in general learning to code is pretty much the same, get yourself acquainted with the force, ahm I meant data types, loops and selections. These are the basics of every language the rest is just sugar coating. I taught my self coding from a c++ book, but not sure what the title was...
But this site seems to be a good start:

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