I have been using Authy for 2FA for a few years now. The same account for work and personal. I'm looking to separate those now. I'll keep Authy for work, but I'm thinking of switching my personal one to a different vendor. Any suggestions Fediverse?

Thanks for all of the suggestions! I've decided to go with Aegis. Now to begin the transition.. .

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On Android I used FreeOTP+. On Ubuntu Touch I use AuthenticatorNG and 2FA Manager. All of the above are open source.

In addition of the options for mobile I'd suggest use a desktop app like KeepassXC - as in mirroring the cell phone, so you would have a local backup for 'free'

@Mundon I've been using FreeOTP+ from FDroid and I absolutely love it!

@Mundon If you're looking for a more Authy-like experience, Bitwarden is worth a go. It's a FLOSS password manager with OTP support built into it.
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