One of the network engineers at my work is using his laptop as a proof of concept that Linux desktop OS (Manjaro) is viable to use in our environment. He showed it to our boss and got his okay for engineers to be able to use that instead of windows with my okay. I'm not going to stand in the way of FOSS in my company, no way.

@Mundon how big is your company? Startup size or Enterprise size?

I once got overruled due to the lack of auditing so I'd eventually like to change it. But don't have enough bandwidth to set out some time to actually do some quality testing.

@ticoombs We're a small company of about 40 people. This engineer happened to have some downtime and had bought a hard drive caddy for his laptop so he can dual boot in case he needs windows for something. He probably won't though.

@Mundon Nice! I wish I could go GNU/Linux at my job. Unfortunately I have to use proprietary software that doesn’t have Linux support.

@Mundon So jealous! I need windows at my work because we used microsoft services heavily.

@cavaliertusky @Mundon I wish I could go ahead and use Linux only in my company as well, but sadly I need to develop for Web, Android, iOS (Mac only, Thank you Apple...) and for Windows PCs as well. I could of course use a vm for the windows part, but frankly that's too much of a hassle. So the dev use windows + a macbook air and I am the only one to use Linux...
+ You know, all the servers

@cavaliertusky our work uses office365 and teams. But teams has been ported to Linux and O365 can be installed as a Progressive Webapp as a workaround. That's what we're doing with the Manjaro laptop.

@Mundon True, true, we have a lot of files on sharepoint and I really like being able to sync them with the windows file explorer, i don't like working out of a web browser.

@Mundon I'd like to get that same thing going where I work but with my preference of @opensuse

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