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If you don't accept WhatsApp's new privacy policy, they won't technically disable your account, but make "it pretty much unusable," reports @swodinsky.

We believe products should be built to serve users, not surveil them.


Original tweet : twitter.com/DuckDuckGo/status/

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May update: order anytime this year!; from RAKwireless project launches June; w InfiniTime 1.0 in store June; keyboard review units ship; stock in June; runs @fedora 34 & production hiatus:


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#whatsapp's new #privacy policy kicked in today. If you don't want to accept it (and you shouldn't), brace yourself for some slow torture. Features and functionality will gradually degrade until you hit the "Accept" button. Another way to stop the torture? Use #signal!

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Laptop: "Can't find printer."

Me: *holds laptop up in front of printer* It's right there asshole.

So in my going down a rabbit hole looking for solutions to implement at work I came across PandoraFMS monitoring. While this will not be implemented at my work I figured I'd throw it in my home lab quick to monitor my network/servers.

It was fairly easy to set up. Now I'll know in greater detail what's going on in my environment!

I've been tasked with finding a solution for pushing out gold images to workstations and hypervisors at work. I'd prefer to use Open Source software for this, but I also need it to be able to push out Windows server and Windows 10.

United Federation of Instances, do you have any suggestions?

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If any devs are interested in a side project; I’m still up for building a chat app with the amazing UX of Instagram Threads, but running on matrix.org/ (which is the future) instead of Facebook (which is the devil)

🐦🔗: twitter.com/doney/status/13931

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"Your is very important to us!.. it's by exploiting it that we're able to make millions and millions a year." - Every capitalism-based corporation.

Deadline to accept 's new terms of service is tomorrow - will you suck up to it? Make no mistake, there's a whole world of alternatives out there for instant messaging AND video/voice calling over the internet. Check out a few:


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I’m compiling a list of what makes unstable/frustrating compared . If you have any thoughts, please feel free to share them below. 😊

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So...I convinced my boss to install Proxmox in his own house...inching closer to being able to use that at work instead of Hyper-V or VMWare...FOSS for the win!

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I found the local user on my Ubuntu machines in my home lab, and I'm spinning up a Rocky Linux install to see if it's there by default on non-Debian distros as well.

Either way, it's cool to have something like this to be able to confirm before getting the bigwigs involved.


Damn I love having a home lab. We got an alert last night from our linux machines at work that a new local user (USBMUX) had been added. Our Developer who uses those machines had no idea who added it, and I, the only sysadmin didn't add it. It looks like it's a user for a daemon to allow apple products to connect to Linux via USB


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I'm getting a personalized crash course in server setup and management from a @Linux4Everyone fan. He's even giving me homework!

For fun you can track my progress here: github.com/orgs/Linux-For-Ever

Okay, so maybe it's just a bad image. I'll wait a few days and give it a try again. Thanks for confirming I'm not very crazy :)

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