So I just found out about this secure, free video chat.

Have any of you used it? I'm always intrigued by stuff like this.

Went grocery shopping today. Literally the entire time I was out my face was itchy. Of course, in these Perilous Coronavirus riddled times that is a horrible thing to scratch. Once I got home and properly sterilized my hands I am surprised I didn't claw my face off...

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Minor upgrade. I got sick of using only my laptop screen so I busted out an old tv to use as a monitor. Baby steps.

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- Knock Knock!

- An async function

- Who's there?

My kids have been watching "Boss Baby: Back in Business" on Netflix. The youngest asked my wife if I'm fired. Feels so great to be appreciated.

Being at home nearly all the time has given me perspective. Like how our youngest child manages to drive my wife to crankiness every day. The kid never stops from 7 am until crashes at night.

I just realized I've hit the point where I have an upstairs laptop, an downstairs laptop, and a play laptop. I use one of them at most. I may need to do some downsizing. Or, just keep them going so I always have a spare. That sounds more like something I'd do.

Since I haven't mustered up the willpower to clear out the room that is going to be my office, here's my , an IKEA table in my basement with my laptop on it.

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Our company's least tech savvy person (who doesn't even have internet at home) is working from home for the first time ever today thanks to a company provided hotspot. I've received two calls in the last 15 minutes from this person asking for help. Social norms regarding day drinking stop when quarantine starts, right?

Yeah, this working from home is going to be an adjustment. Thank Cthulu I bought bourbon before the "safer at home" order came down.

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Spouse's Windows laptop has been working like crap lately. I spent all night trying to fix it, while getting her old laptop updated to be able to use as a backup, as well as setting up a newer windows laptop. I just wish she'd switch to linux and make my life easier.

Damn I love using Gparted to fix messed up flash drives

Working from home for the foreseeable future. I guess its time to get off my ass and get my home office set up finally.

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🎶 if you wanna be my lover
you've got to wash your hands
make it thirty seconds
hygiene never ends 🎶

Can we reboot 2020 yet? There appear to be some glitches in the system.

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