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I am currently looking for an old SHR (, best for one of the devices in order to have a shot at booting into old software on . I may have one somewhere on an old harddrive, but it would be great if someone could help me out!

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int main(void) {
printf("Hello World!\n");
return 0;

We need and greet the World for our most basic tasks. We have to do our best to keep it a habitable place!

Well, and "Hello World!"
It's the first toot! 🙂 🎉

💚 🌍 🌎 🌏 💚

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If anyone's looking for some illustration/merch design before the end of the year, I'm pretty free and my bank account is pretty empty, so..hit me up?
mary. safro@gmail. com

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Mobian is a version of Debian Linux designed for mobile devices. You can follow the project here:

➡️ @mobian

The official site is at

Mobian currently runs on the Pinephone open smartphone made by @PINE64

#Mobian #Debian #Linux #GNU #GNULinux #OS #OperatingSystems #OperatingSystem #Distro #Distros #Distributions #Smartphones #Mobile #Computing #FOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource

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Dear #fediverse .. I need your help,

A wonderful #privacy tool is being developed by our member Tijmen.

(He's also the creator of that trended extremely well here on Fedi and on HN)

The tool needs to be translated to all European languages, and its a task that should only take a couple of minutes per translation.

Would you help with your contribution?

Here are instructions how you can:

Boosts appreciated!
Thank you 🙏

@Mundon I got it a the beginning of the year so it’s be really good to see the progress. I started with Debian & Phosh before it became Mobian. I’m looking forward to upgrading my board and getting a keyboard when they are available.

Hi chaps, I thought I’d best introduce myself. I am very interested in FOSS and privacy. I do tend to not post or comment much unless I have something useful or helpful to say. I am currently a stay at home dad but have worked in microbiology and chemistry. To fill me very little downtime I am doing an OU degree and learning more about mobile Linux with my trusty BH running . I am also undergoing the diagnostic process for ASD.


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