Sometimes it does actuality works to just ignore a problem. Updated my with today: After that update the EPG stopped working. After messing around and pulling my hair an hour or so, it was dinner time. When I returned later that evening, then the EPGuide was filled with entries 🙄

Anybody else around running with ? Last couple of days after kodi startup, kodi cannot reach tvHeadEnd. But if I subsequently enter the tvHeadEnd app configuration, and just enter some random setting, but not changing anything, - they it suddenly springs to life and works :thinking:

What is the EU thinking here? This proposal will destroy privacy and strong encryption in Europe. They are trying to tackle child abuse, but in this case it's failing while killing privacy for everyone.

Modeling a full #embargo on #Russian gas for Germany, worst case scenario, with 5 industry sectors coming to a full stop over night, results in a reduction of GDP of around 3%. Tough, but manageable. We had a pandemic drop of 4% and are still here. Source: various research. 1/2

Microsoft still doing things:
I wonder why the creator, google and others involved can not class prior act on this though.

Any recommendations on a simple picture editor for Android (preferably from )? I just need crop and rezise. metadata stripper would be a nice bonus.

:boost_ok: :ablobcatwave: Please boost this post if you would like the EFF to join the fediverse. :ablobcatbongo:

In a survey the EFF sent me, I suggested they create an account on the fediverse, so they can reach more supporters and support innovative free software that promotes interoperability among platforms, something they've advocated for in the past, too.

If you can boost this post, maybe I'll be able to show them that there are quite a few users who would like them here!

The EFF is the infamous nonprofit organisation that fights for privacy, government transparency, and digital freedom. Their fight is very important, and the EFF is very special to me.

You can see some of their work here

In the meantime, you can follow @eff, which is an unofficial mirror of their Twitter.

I'll bet that this free speech ting is nothing but Elon making money. Buy some shares, make some fuss about he want to buy more, prices go up and he silently sells the ones he got.
Just like he did with

How aims to destroy the free and independent . To monetize podcasting they plan to "..include tags in their shows that are used to track who listened, if they heard an ad, and whether they took action upon hearing it"

Have long hesitated to replace our halogen spots in the kitchen, but now that LED strips with RA97 is available at a reasonable price I thought the time had come

I must say that I am very pleased with the result. Found some 24v strips that could be hacked connected to an hacked IKEA , so the whole thing can be tied to

@neil There are many Firefox forks which would address these issues such as LibreWolf, GNU Icecat, etc.

But the main issue that one needs to consider is the monopoly of Chromium in the web space. Ditching Firefox for a Chromium-based browser only makes this worse, regardless of the one you choose.

The Chromium monopoly gives Google near-total control over web standards, decreases incentives for cross-browser support (e.g, Skype only works on Chromium-based browsers) and would ultimately leave Google as your last-man-standing with ultimate reign over the web. Not really an ideal scenario, is it?

While these Chromium-based browsers may be ungoogled, hardened and have nice slick UIs etc., switching to them will result in a huge net-loss for everyone in the long term.

Today the Danish government has lifted all restrictions from 1. February. But will keep monitoring the situation and will reintroduced if the situation gets worsened. The high percentages of in the population has placed Denmark in a favourable situation.

@hamishcampbell @adders I would make a distinction between pseudanonymity and true anonymity. Pseudanonymity has been the traditional standard for the internet, and it has mostly worked well. We don't need to know who people are "IRL" (which is a bit of a legacy term now) but they do need to have a stable nom de plume so that we know who we're communicating with and they can be held accountable within the rules of a community. People without any stable personal identity - the truly anonymous - can be a problem because you can't kick them from a forum and there's no way to hold them accountable for anything.

I think there is a place for true anonymity under certain conditions - such as whistleblowing - but it's not a good idea within social networks where you need at least minimal accountability for it to work at all.

When I download a picture in om Android, where does it end up?
Does not seem to be in Downloads

I'm using the next hole along on my belt.
Is this because...

One of the tasks I was assigned when I started on my current workplace, was to up the security. All Linux setup was done by hand and the list of bad habits and jump the lowest fence was looong.
I'v done a lot of things but lately I may have gone a little to far 🤠 The other morning several colleagues was really angry on me, accusing me of lacking pedagogical skills!
I had replaced root prompt (PS1) with
"YO DOOKIE - USE sudo NOT root : "

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