Using flags as language "logos" is never a good idea. However, it works for a lot of cases and apart from that just looks cool. But when it comes to languages like English, it becomes difficult.

Hence, the (rather statistical) question: if you were to pick a flag for "English", which one would it be? Imagine your website is region-independent, i.e. you don't have grammar/vocabulary that is different across countries.

As for me, I am trying to speak and write British English, so my websites/apps usually feature the UK flag (the pic is taken from my homepage)


@NickKaramoff If you use the American flag you have to make sure it's at a 1st grade reading level! I kid. But seriously Americans are used to seeing the British flag as representing English. You wouldn't have a Canadian flag for French, would you?

@MrDers well, it varies! A lot of Russian websites use the US flag for the English language 🤷‍♂️

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