Elementary OS: I love what They are doing with the design language and appstore. I really like the idea of an easy place to go pay for free software.

BUT, I just can't get over not have my Minimize, Maximize And Close buttons on the right. My brain just can't deal.

You all might appreciate my Home Assistant setup, particularly what I call "dad mode". Tells me how long someone left the lights on so I know how loud to scream at them....


Isn't King Crimson the British version of the Beatles?

How much would you pay for symmetrical gigabit fiber at your house, assuming you had your "forever" house?

I left a house I hated with fiber for a house I love with Comcast.

My answer is $5,000 USD at the moment

Unpopular Opinion - AI - IEEE, Scripting Needed 

Title: "Stop Calling Everything AI"


I'm glad someone said something. It's somewhat obvious to those who have worked with ML, but the world at large doesn't get it.

Wouldn't the modern day "jump to conclusions map" just be an app with AI. But then wouldn't it just be a digital Magic 8 ball?

My server is just sitting in my cold garage barely doing anything. Should I look into mining for a CPU only coin? Any suggestions on what kind? Not looking to make money, just mess around. Maybe heat up the garage a bit.

Belly-aching, mostly 

I moved into a new position and inherited administration of a half baked program and my contact "Application Engineer" doesn't know what code signing is, and as you might imagine, is frustrating to deal with.

Also I take issue with using the term "engineer". I'm assuming he has no formal engineering education, no licensure. In the building world a license denotes a minimal understanding of principles and responsibilities, why shouldn't the software world have the same?

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Been messing with OBS for work on my Linux machine because my work Windows machine skips and freezes during recording.

After screwing around, I have no speakers. Just "dummy device". The fix? Delete your pulse audio settings and kill pulse audio. It's things like these that make me love using Linux.

I bought a Moto G7 Plus from Motorola because it has Lineage support. After finding cases don't fit around the oblong camera lens, I found out they sent me an unbadged T-Mobile REVVL phone. What's worse is that the Fastboot commands aren't recognized which may not be the phone, but it's another speed bump.

Glimmer of hope: Aliexpress sells back glass panels and camera lense covers for less than $10. At least I will be able to get cases that fit.

Consider this a PSA

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Remember, there is a generation that don't see nothing wrong here.

Boost if you get it ;)

New Home Assistant Automation:
While the sun is out, or a certain amount of daylight exists, all lights turn off every 30 minutes.

Bonus: I won't lose my voice yelling about leaving the lights on.

Resisting the urge to buy a PineBook Pro...

Had a good Ubuntu Server with VMs and docker humming along. Decided to install vsfptd and mess with ufw. After a reboot my VMs can't get through the firewall. Reminder: don't mess with the machine in production. 🙄

Why isn't there a mass produced FOSS security camera? Or a decent open source monitor solution that works well? Definitely a weak spot in FOSS.

Sometimes I am excited about the state of FOSS and technology but can't really formulate a good toot to explain it. Just know I'm jazzed along with the rest of you!

I just wanted to share some love for Open Sudoku in F-Droid and Google Play. It's been my regular time waster for at least 7 years and maybe more.

Although not super important, I think it's the open source project that I've spent the most time interacting with.

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I took this photo of Billy about 10 years ago. He unfortunately passed away yesterday of old age.

He would have turned 15 years old next month, so it didn't come as an surprise, but it's always sad when the day comes. Fifteen years is a lot of memories with someone.

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