You ever see those people on YouTube who get the call from India about their Microsoft Windows needing help? A friend got bit with that. He thought it was Amazon helping to get Music on his Roku. I'll be helping format his Windows laptop this evening....

The documentation on some new machines at work say that they accept SSH connections "at a global rate of 5 per minute". Any idea what they are doing to accomplish this? I'm assuming this isn't standard behavior

I did a facepalm every time the IT folks asked "Is there a GUI for any of this?" It was many....

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We are getting some new transceivers at work. I'm told they run "Debian Unix". And the instructions show we should "yum install OpenVPN". Richard Stallman is rolling over in his grave....

Just installed the new Ubiquiti Wifi 6 Lite AP. About six times heavier than the AC Lite.

I might be in need of a Windows machine. For my own ease of use, I would like to virtualize it on my PopOS machine. The internets is telling me I need Pro for virtualization. But I'm just running a piece of software on the guest so I would think Home is fine. Should I just go get a used $150USD laptop that comes with Windows? Sounds cheaper and easier

Do you ever spend all your energy cleaning your house and getting ready for company that you wish they wouldn't show?

Trying to get away from using Google too much? I use this to sync my Fastmail Calendar and contacts. Works great
Check out "DAVx⁵ – CalDAV & CardDAV Sync client"

I use this app almost every day, with my 60+ Wifi devices. 😃. Best money I've spent
Check out "Port Authority (Donate)"

I reached out to a software company about an affiliate relationship as I would brings clients to their system. They said they would give me discount access for writing a blog post on their blog and promoting them on my "social media". I literally laughed out loud. My clients are less likely to be on social media as you all here! Maybe I don't know how the world works anymore

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Crowd! I need some advice. Currently i have a plus account and a custom domain as part of my deG journey. Now im thinking to expand it to whole family and manage it through proton. Does anyone has experience in such setup?

If someone can share experience or similar this would be highly appreciated.

Begging for donations 🙄 

I was catching up on Linux Unplugged and heard that they are down a sponsor and are trying to build their contributor base instead of promoting shave products and underwear. I myself have learned so much from their podcasts over the last 10 years and would really like them to continue their content gainfully. So if you enjoy them too, please consider being a member. If you haven't heard of it, give it a listen. Thanks!

Is down for anyone? Or just me?

Secured an HP Zbook for a friend to have a home server. 4th gen i7 and Quadro GPU. Should I install Ubuntu Desktop, or Ubuntu Server and tasksel a DE? I want to get him working in VMs and Docker because that's what I do and I can help. Ideas?

Humble Bundle has a set of books on Data Analytics. Included in that is one on Regular Expressions. Excited to get into that

So my wife and I have off and on played 2 person Catan the last couple years. Any recommendations on simple strategic games for us?

I'm afraid our newly adopted dog is going to eat my existing dog. He seems nice enough.

Just updated my Lemur Pro to Pop!_OS to 21.04. Not much to report. Still fast, smooth and decently good looking.

Ranty McRantFace! 

I know it's not an Ubuntu issue but I'm going to go with Fedora and Nginx and use the mariadb server I am already running for Home Assistant.

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