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For the terminal junkies out there, check out 'toot', which is a command line Mastodon client which comes with both Unix-like commands and a curses UI.

Does anyone have book reccomandations to learn C?

To all you opensource developers:
How do you promote your programs?

Does anyone know a tool like cli-visualizer that i can use with jack? The only one I found is ProjectM, but it doesn't seem to be a console application.

For you guys using nextcloud, I created a python script to fetch talk messages and send them via a gotify server, so you don't have to rely on google push notifications. It's by no means Production Ready, it still has a long TODO list. Maybe someone of you would like to contribute.

Any JavaScript coders there?
I need help with a "simple" patch. I assume it is simple, but as I have no idea about JS I cannot do it. I use the surf browser from with the link hints script . I do also have a shell script that I would like to execute, instead of the default action of the JS script, which just follows the link.

Good Day, everybody.
I love linux, maths and good music.
I hope to find some interesting people here.


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