I literally just set an appointment for tomorrow in my calendar with the title "Don't forget Screenshot Sunday" xD :dwmlight: :mastodon:

@kambing I remember when I deactivated all of them, my friends freaked out, bacause they couldn't reach me anymore. Took some time for them to understand that they could just call me -.-

Does anyone have some reccomendations for cool experimental music accounts to follow in the fediverse?

@tomosaigon I already looked there, the only thing I found was a restaurant accepting bitcoins

@tomosaigon Looks like Coinbase asks for a lot of information... I really hope I can find an ATM around here

@machete_Badger Unfortunatley I haven't found any Bitcoin ATMs in my city yet

Found something to do during this time:
Started playing MTG again, using cockatrice 😀

@jiminycricket It seems to be just for paying with bitcoins on amazon

Does anyone have a reccomendation on where to buy bitcoins?

@kungtotte Quickly read over it and thought to myself:
"Windows released a tiny version?"

One of the things I miss the most now is talking with strangers. I normally always get out on weekends and just have discussions with strangers in bars, it's always interesting.

@jocor Remeber to take breaks, it's much harder to do so at home.

@tomosaigon I am not saying that Google has a bad interface, but all the stuff they do behind the scenes is just ridiculous.

@cedesguin Yeah I am more comfortable speaking english than french haha. Anyway, I think that it would be pretty hard to completely stop touching ones face, as we humans are very tied to our habits.

@tomosaigon Mainly gmail, google docs, google hangouts and google drive.

@tomosaigon I don't mean to replicate it, but to offer an alternative to those who are interested. I don't expect to have tousands of users. I just thought that since I have the server running for myself anyway, I might as well offer it as a service.

@cedesguin Ca c'est vrai, mais si on se lave les mannes regularement je ne pense pas qu' il est un grand probleme.
(excuse si il y a des fautes, francaise n' est pas ma premiere langue)

Finally my system is well integrated with pywal, I can't wait for the next screenshotsunday 😜

Lately I have been wondering, why there are so many different chat protocols out there. Has anyone got a good resource on the history of it?

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