I am planning to start a business which basically provides privacy and security aware services. The idea is to make a privacy aware and opensource alternative to the Google Ecosystem. The idea came to me when I was about to upgrade my server and I thought to myself "Why not earn money by giving out services"
I have an Infrastructure plan, but I need someone linux savy, who can help me set it up and maintain it, as it would be too much for 1 person. If anyones interested just contact me.

@MrChainman I have also had thoughts about such a business, and made efforts towards such. If our interests are sufficiently aligned, perhaps we could co-operate?

@MrChainman the Google ecosystem is far too vast to be replicated by 1 engineer

@tomosaigon I don't mean to replicate it, but to offer an alternative to those who are interested. I don't expect to have tousands of users. I just thought that since I have the server running for myself anyway, I might as well offer it as a service.

@MrChainman alternative to which Google service? Because they have hundreds of products/services that are useful to all kinds of people (including paying customers)

@tomosaigon Mainly gmail, google docs, google hangouts and google drive.

@MrChainman yeah, those are useful to a lot of orgs. Google integrates them all pretty well with a usable interface.

@tomosaigon I am not saying that Google has a bad interface, but all the stuff they do behind the scenes is just ridiculous.

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