Nothing special, but at least I am able to keep it clean, as there isn't much 😂

@MrChainman looks like Erza. A simple setup is normally the best setup.

@Twelve Its actually just one background, found out about Imagemagics "stitch" operation haha

That be a cool thing ti try. I might do that. What os youe running on that pc? It looks pretty intresting

Void linux with DWM Window Manager and 2 conky scripts for the stats

I am really tempted to try that, i kinda like it

@Twelve Its pretty neet, it just takes some time for customisation. And you should know, that void linux does not use systemd, than can be good or bad, depending on what you like.

I have used void linux before. Or i thuched it, after install it didn't want too boot correctly, but i don't see why i coulden't give it another shot

@Twelve If you run into issues you can ask me, I have been running void for some time now and think I know my way around it.

Under file systems when installing i am not seeing my drive only usb. Is this correct?

@Twelve Yes, it should ask you to create the filesystems with cfdisk on your drive.

Yes, i did that, then after patrioning it tells me to cerat a file system, but only the live image drive wøis there, my actual drive i want to ibstall it to don't apeare

@Twelve That's odd... Did you do it with a clean drive? I remember I had some issues when trying to keep my home partition, i solved by just backing everything up and the wiping the drive and making a clean install.

I will give that a tey then i supose. But probobly wait for tomorrow. I need sleep first

@MrChainman I see Void Linux my bad. How has it been treating you?

@MrChainman I see. I use Arch myself with lxqt/i3 wm. I've been lazy with customization but this inspires me to make it flashy 😎

@Mogulanon Yeah I just love customising my system. I mean once you have it down your productivity goes through the roof 😀

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