Lately I am trying to convince more and more people to join the fediverse and stop using facebook, instagram etc. One thing I find difficult is the following: If someone is not techsavy and (as bad as that sounds) doesn't care about privacy, which benefits do they get by joining the fediverse?

What are you convincing points for that?


> If someone is not techsavy and… doesn't care about privacy, which benefits do they get by joining the fediverse? What are you convincing points for that?

Nicer people! People are generally pretty nice in small groups, but when you throw them together in massive crowds like Twitter does, you get toxic behavior. Small, well-moderated instances promote community.

Plus, Mastodon has other features to avoid encouraging toxicity. I wrote a post a while ago:

@codesections Thats very true, I think I never read something inapropriate here on mastodon.

@codesections @MrChainman The two big reasons I find Mastodon superior, which you didn't mention are:

1. I was scared off Twitter by a friend slamming into a "to be allowed to continue to log in, you must give us your SMS number" message. (I have no mobile number to give)

2. On Twitter, I was in the process of progressively un-subscribing from more and more people as Twitter kept spamming my notifications view with "In case you missed it..." entries that I couldn't opt out of.

@matrix @MrChainman

There is lack of discussion I feel it's more like dump. Where you keep throwing your shitty post.
Either people talking about privacy or code.

@matrix @MrChainman

In Comparison to traditional social media atleats there is some interaction with other. Here it's none

@inditoot @matrix
Don't you think that depends also on the instance? I mean on people seem very interactive

@inditoot @matrix
But isn't it good that you don't have those "meaningless" conversations like "OMG, i just ate something" ?
I mean that's what I like about the fediverse.


That is eco chamber actually. It's not Good and I always prefer logical conversation.

one of the reason mastodon can never be part of mainstream social media.


But if you have theese thought "against" Mastodon, why are you using it?


It's a big story 😅 Main reason I am still here for No ads and Privacy.
And other implementation of activity pub doesn't have nice looking UI


I joined diaspora in early days and I liked there community

@MrChainman no ads, no sponsored post, nothing that filters what you can see to make you buy more stuff.

@MrChainman chronological timelines, no ads, moderators that listen, ability to move account, stay connected with people that chose a different server, bridges with main stream social media if you'd want that.

@oilyfish @MrChainman RMS is forced into a very similar situation - he must convince ppl who don't care about s/w freedom to throw their support behind #freesoftware. This is his advice:

@MrChainman @oilyfish Focus on #censorship, if you think your audience cares about that. Giving a #centralized dictator all power to suppress concentrates the whole narrative under a single power. Ppl want balanced power not kings.

@resist1984 @oilyfish
Thats a very good point. I think thats the main reason youtube started to be become less popular as a platform

@MrChainman @oilyfish #Twitter is currently being bought by a right wing #Trump supporter as well, so that centralized control will work against the interests of human beings who have a bit of humanity.

@oilyfish @MrChainman If your audience is progressive, focus on election interference with #CambridgeAnalytica -- the reason #Trump is in power.

@MrChainman @oilyfish if your audience is sensitive to poor people, hilight the fact that #Facebook excludes those who can't afford a mobile phone (but verify it 1st.. I'm not sure if mobile phones are needed for registration)

@oilyfish @MrChainman w.r.t ads, #Facebook is an advertiser above all. Make the case that advertising creates an unfair market where the biggest spenders get more consumers. Advertising is an arms race. Companies are forced to buy ads because their competitors do. #Facebook is an enabler who exacerbates that problem. Poor consumer decisions result.

@MrChainman @oilyfish Even when the #privacy debate is a non-starter, it might be worthwhile to mention Zuckerberg's famous quote: "I don't know why those dumb fucks give me all their information" - if you think your audience takes exception with being disrepected by those they patronize.

@MrChainman fear of the uncool is a powerful if a-rational motivator. “Oh, you use Facebook? Oh. Well, sure, no, there’s nothing... nothing WRONG with that, it’s just... Fediverse? No, it’s probably not for you. It’s more talking with people you really want to, not like your thing. I’d just keep doing what you’re doing, which is... Twitter, right, I remember Twitter.”

Using fear of the uncool is as morally right or wrong as coolness itself.

@MrChainman I doubt trying to convince people will help bring a significant amount of users. It's better to make the platform more attractive.

In my experience Fediverse is mostly made up of: techies, progressives, and deplatformed altright. The last are a nuisance but death with via not federating w/ them. For the people between the last and the first two, Fediverse is a Twitter/Instagram clone with nobody to. follow. Rather than more users, it needs *key* users who'd bring in their followers.

So you mean celebrities? Or who do you think of when saying "Key Users"?

@MrChainman Celebrities, journalists, news, creators. Maybe even some sorts of fashion "influencers"?
Nobody I personally know is on Mastodon. I'm kinda used to that experience from HN, Reddit, mailing lists, even FOSS stuff, but for most people that's uncharted territory. I'd guess for most people it's either friends and/or interesting accounts.
Most people use enough social media to "saturate" most of their attention. We need unique features and accounts to make it worthwhile for them.

@cadadr @MrChainman
Thing is, a characteristic of "Fediverse" type stuff is that it doesn't make it easy for one person to exert an outsize influence. That's a good thing, but it also means it has zero appeal to the "influencer" sort of people.

@publius @MrChainman I'd say that could be leveraged to create a more "ethical" sort of influencer. I.e. not someone who sells the eyes of their followers, but someone truly knowledgeable about their niche that stands out within their instance, which is presumably made up of people with shared interests/knowledge.

More of an influential person or salient expert than a stereotypical influencer.


Meh, I'd argue that is an impossible task when not considering privacy or decentralization. You figure that the fedi is a like a junk drawer full of interesting, unorganized things. To find the best things, you have to search for them as there isn't an algorithm to feed it to you.

Finding it is hard though and requires invested interest. The real separator though, is you are here and not on their network.

@MrChainman I deleted my twitter account because reading it made me lose the will to live. But, reading fedi posts usually has the opposite effect. Restores my faith in humanity.

Another way of saying "nice people posting interesting stuff"

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