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Has anyone got knowledge/experience with Secure Scuttlebutt?
Just discovered it and finding it quite interesting to read about their version of a decentralized social network

"The minute you call someone an a**hole, they're no longer listening to you."

It's incredible how many people don't seem to understand this. I'm happy for you to explain what I've done wrong but come at me with insults and I will instantly despise you

I didn't realize open street maps was used by big tech companies like facebook and apple, even to learn pokemon go used it is surprising.

I think it's great that if you spot an error in apple maps you could go to osm and fix it and then you won't have that problem in apple maps (I don't actually know if that's how it works but just thinking it would be a great scenario)

This is the article the screenshots from:

Hey smart folk of mastodon you might have an answer for this:

When I use the default android messaging/txt app on my Pixel are google hooking in and reading/saving my messages?

There's a privacy policy link but it's just a generic google services page with nothing specific.
I found an open source app that seems very similar but kinda wondering if there is any need to worry about switching something that's so basic

It was actually a great learning experience too. Definitely some new perspectives on process that I'll take back to my day job

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I helped out with an open source project over the holidays.

Only in a small way but I am proud 😊
Hopefully just the first of many changes to come

Yo nerds I need some help with Github.

I'm trying to work on an open source project so I forked the project. Some other people have then contributed to master on the original project so I need to get those changes into my fork in a way that allows me to still have a clean pull request back to the original project when my changes are done.
How do I achieve this?

Bear in mind I'm a command line noob so have been using githubs webpage and github desktop/source tree.

Old video but the complaints about production waste are still so relevant.

A few crazy stats in there.
"The average person in the US is targeted with over 3000 ads a day" 🤯

Mastodon web has the reply count by default which would work but it's nice not having the vanity metrics in your face so I'd lean towards some sort of different icon that's the same no matter how many replies (keeping the behavior the same once you actually click on it)

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Yo @ConnyDuck how much would it take to get an indication of when a toot has replies in tusky?
I'm thinking something related to the reply icon like how you get the double arrows when looking at toot replies. It's just annoying currently having to click every interesting toot to see if there is more discussion then immediately click back if there isn't

Feeling like a boss hacker when I got this far. And now I've even managed to install pixel experience 😎
Pretty cool to get Android 10 on this old Nexus 5x but it's only temporary while I figure out how this all works. In the next few days I'm gonna replace it, probably with lineageOS

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Definitely feeling the paradox of choice with all the options I keep coming across in my research

pixel experience
AOSP Extended
MSM Extended

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I'm wanting to try a different version of :android: on an old Nexus 5x I've got. Something like lineageOS :lineageos: or /e/OS but I'm new to this whole thing so hoping some kind folks might have some advice for me or be able to point out good resources.

First up which custom ROM and why?
Is the most basic AOSP Google's version or have the built on top of it?
What stops older phones from being supported with the latest version of Android?
Any gotchas I should be aware of?

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One of the perks of living in Italy

What Does 1GB of Mobile Data Cost in Every Country?

Globally, the cost of mobile data ranges between $0.09 per GB up to $27 per GB. Here's how it breaks down in 150+ countries.

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Mmhmm this does sound good.
Switching between camera and presentation been annoying me. Hopefully they can make this simple enough that it doesn't get in the way. Could actually see it being cool for streamers too.

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I wrote a short blog post on why as an open source maintainer I sometimes hide GitHub issue comments.

Hello World!
I'm MonkeyMatt, new here and new to the Fediverse in general so thought I'd make my

Over the last couple years I've been thinking a bit about some of the concepts that are part of Fediverse but didn't realize it already existed. So awesome!

I ended up down this rabbit whole after looking into @k9mail which as a software dev by trade (predominantly Android) I'm hoping I might be able to contribute to. It desperately needs swipe to delete for one.

So anyway, howdy 👋


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