Those sweet, super satisfying attack animations are the best. I love that game and fire emblem in general although I haven't played in quite some time

Is there an RSS widget that'd do the trick, or would being in the launcher itself make some crucial difference?

I haven't heard of simple mobile tools before. Looks like an interesting project having all the basic apps provided in the same suite. Thanks for pointing it out to me I'm gonna have to look into this more 😊

I guess I trust my carrier not to do that more than I trust google at this point. Maybe for me it's more concern that one company, google, could know way too much about me.
And where there's an alternative that works just as good without the tracking I'm happy to use it :) Hopefully RCS can take over from SMS soon

Turns out the answer is yes google are taking all the data they can get, without telling anyone, although maybe not the message text itself.

I've been using QKSMS ever since the original post. It's such a great open source app I can't imagine ever wanting to switch

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No clip is so good. Bringing that quality to productions on open source is an awesome idea.
You have to wonder if it would have the same reach though (which of course impacts the viability of the Patreon model no clip uses)

Worrying about typing speed is one thing but then using Vim might be a step too far for me. I guess I've grown used to all the features of Ide's so I can't imagine wanting to go back to just text.

Monkeytype feels perfectly on brand for me haha. I'm on my phone and gave it a try. Phone typing speeds is not something I considered before. Surprised to get similar 50wpm speeds like I was on a full computer keyboard. Not what I expected

Now I want to improve my typing speed. I tested myself on a random website and can type about 50 wpm.
It's really fun playing TypeRacer:
One day I hope to be good enough to succeed in INSTANT DEATH mode.

But typing all those sentences got me thinking. Surely typing code is quite different. And wouldn't you know it, there are specific code typing website out there! So with code I'm only at about 35 wpm. Those dang brackets.
I've been typing java on​

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I've always considered typing speed a non-issue when writing code. For me it seems that I'm always slower thinking about the logic of what code I need to type than I am typing.

Seeing Jeff Atwood (aka @codinghorror) tweet about typing speed being important and reading his article has made me stop and reconsider

I always see advice about writing being a great way to reinforce learning and in this case it's totally true! Writing that post has made dart method parameters so much clearer in my mind especially since I played around with different scenarios so much when creating the examples and dart pad file.

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I've been learning and using dart/flutter for almost 6 months now and one thing that continues to catch me out is how to define method parameters ({named} vs [optional] etc).
Finally spent the time to write a little reference guide that I can refer back to:

Never knew of Advent of Code until today. I'm quite late but still started giving it a go and I'm loving it! 4 stars so far :)

I'm using dart to try and get familiar with the language so I'm slow as anything but I find great fun in trying to solve each little logic puzzle.

Side note: dbrand is the one company I don't mind getting marketing emails from. Always get a good laugh reading the fine print.

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Absolutely in love with this skin from dbrand.

I bought a second hand phone for testing new releases of @e_mydata and added the skin. It's so perfectly nerdy I can't help but smile every time I pick it up

I had some difficulty flashing custom ROMs onto my phone so I wrote myself a guide. Sharing it as I figure someone else might also find it useful

@TheRealClay Instagram was phone only for a long time too. I believe you still can't post from the web but not sure. They have a target audience and I guess that isn't you

mines hosted by namecheap which seems to work well. Don't know if you'd consider $4 a month expensive

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