I've always considered typing speed a non-issue when writing code. For me it seems that I'm always slower thinking about the logic of what code I need to type than I am typing.

Seeing Jeff Atwood (aka @codinghorror) tweet about typing speed being important and reading his article has made me stop and reconsider


Now I want to improve my typing speed. I tested myself on a random website and can type about 50 wpm.
It's really fun playing TypeRacer: play.typeracer.com/
One day I hope to be good enough to succeed in INSTANT DEATH mode.

But typing all those sentences got me thinking. Surely typing code is quite different. And wouldn't you know it, there are specific code typing website out there! So with code I'm only at about 35 wpm. Those dang brackets.
I've been typing java on typing.io/​

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