Super excited to play with my new e-ink tablet. I stare at screens all day so its cool to finally have one that isn't constantly blasting light into my eyeballs.

Its a Boox NoteAir. Runs on android so I can install anything on it which is cool. Also love how the blue and orange looks.

First impressions are good although the default screen refresh mode for the browser and apps you install leaves a bit of ghosting. You can change the setting per app but that's a little annoying

@MonkeyMatt Oh my goodness, you can get a keyboard dock for it?! This is like my perfect writing machine.

@dajbelshaw you sure can!
Its even got Bluetooth so I just played around with connecting my keyboard and it works like a charm.
It's not a big screen if you're coming from a computer but using it as a separate device for distraction free writing would actually be really cool.

I hadn't thought of using it for writing but now really want to try writing a blog post or something on it and see how it goes.

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