I'm so excited to have finally installed /e/os ( @e_mydata ) on my old Nexus 5x.
I'm using Smart Launcher 5 so looks nothing like standard /e/os. Yay for android customisability

It's running an outdated android version but that's really no issue, the only thing I miss is swiping the fingerprint scanner to bring up notifications (there's a setting for it but it doesn't work).
Seems super fast so far which is great (pixel experience by comparison definitely had some stuttering).


Part of my mission is I want to start using as many open source alternatives to apps as possible. I immediate caved on the Launcher. Oops.

Are there any great open source android launchers out there? I believe there should be some that are quite standard but I want the weird and wonderful too

@surendrajat thanks for the suggestion it looks really cool. Unfortunately testing it out it's been crashing and needing a restart a lot.

Also the icon customisation isn't working fully and I sure love the quirky looking icons I've got on SL5. Maybe I just need to find a quality icon pack now too

@MonkeyMatt Yes. Forgot to mention it's quite new project and currently going through huge refactor.
I'm on v0.7 release for now and the number of crashes is very little(once I finished customizing it).

@surendrajat it definitely ticks a lot of boxes for me its really just the icons I want to play around with now. And who knows if it's a active project maybe I'll get the chance to fix some of those crashes myself (I probably won't but I love the idea that I could if I had time)

@MonkeyMatt I was a huge fan of Nova launcher and Omega is the only FOSS launcher which made me switch :)
When I realized that the developer is a nice person too, I donated instantly. Now trying to help with CI setup.

@MonkeyMatt I'm also looking for FOSS alternatives for all my android apps(PC too :).
Found most of them except a decent calling app & File manager.

Let me know if you can't find something.

@dajbelshaw that's so neat thanks for the suggestion.
I think I like seeing app icons (and having groups) rather than searching so not sure its a launcher I'll stick with.

Really cool that you can add any search engine you just need a URL. Why don't they all work like that

@MonkeyMatt It's a great launcher, and blazingly fast.

These days I use the Before Launcher, which isn't FOSS but is definitely awesome. I paid for the upgrade.


@dajbelshaw I love how different that is!
I can certainly see the appeal of an anti distraction approach. Been trying to be conscious of my own phone use recently. I'll definitely have to give Before a try

@MonkeyMatt @dajbelshaw Omega launcher requires android version 8 or above. They should try supporting older versions as well

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