Will be installed automatically? So why show me a notification that never goes away? Do I need to do something to make the automatic install happen?

App updates could be explained better on /e/.
Seems I do have to click the notification which takes me to the app store where I have to click update

I love tinkering with tech. Usually that's software related but recently I took apart my old laptop. Partly I wanted to fix the annoying noise it makes and also mostly I'm just curious how it goes together.

Since doing this I've found the fan was indeed the problem so I replaced it and she's good as gold. Also put a SSD in and installed Ubuntu while I was at it and now it's back to being a healthy usable laptop once again!

I just bought two second hand Nexus 5x phones because I'm obsessed with them (I now have 4 πŸ˜…).

Problem was one hadn't been reset. So I spent the morning learning about android "factory reset protection" grrr.

Boy did I feel like an epic hacker man when I eventually found a way to bypass it.

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The longer you keep your phone the more lightly it would have tread the earth, so think twice when you want to buy a new phone. Do you really need a new phone? The truth is, the most #sustainable phone is the one you already own – so make it last. 🌍 πŸ“±


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Super excited to play with my new e-ink tablet. I stare at screens all day so its cool to finally have one that isn't constantly blasting light into my eyeballs.

Its a Boox NoteAir. Runs on android so I can install anything on it which is cool. Also love how the blue and orange looks.

First impressions are good although the default screen refresh mode for the browser and apps you install leaves a bit of ghosting. You can change the setting per app but that's a little annoying

The finger swipe for notifications randomly started working. Not sure what's going on there but I am unreasonable excited about it.
Now the only sacrifice I'm making moving to /e/ is Uber not working (it crashes on app launch). I guess it relies on google service? Weirdly Uber Eats works fine

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Part of my mission is I want to start using as many open source alternatives to apps as possible. I immediate caved on the Launcher. Oops.

Are there any great open source android launchers out there? I believe there should be some that are quite standard but I want the weird and wonderful too

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I'm so excited to have finally installed /e/os ( @e_mydata ) on my old Nexus 5x.
I'm using Smart Launcher 5 so looks nothing like standard /e/os. Yay for android customisability

It's running an outdated android version but that's really no issue, the only thing I miss is swiping the fingerprint scanner to bring up notifications (there's a setting for it but it doesn't work).
Seems super fast so far which is great (pixel experience by comparison definitely had some stuttering).

Great simple visual of just how crazy tracking has gotten on the internet. Facebook knows too much

I feel like it would be useful for a family network or irl friends but less useful for discovering others with similar interests in the way that something like fosstodon does. Not sure how easy it would be to dip my toes in without already knowing people using it

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Has anyone got knowledge/experience with Secure Scuttlebutt?
Just discovered it and finding it quite interesting to read about their version of a decentralized social network


"The minute you call someone an a**hole, they're no longer listening to you."

It's incredible how many people don't seem to understand this. I'm happy for you to explain what I've done wrong but come at me with insults and I will instantly despise you


I didn't realize open street maps was used by big tech companies like facebook and apple, even to learn pokemon go used it is surprising.

I think it's great that if you spot an error in apple maps you could go to osm and fix it and then you won't have that problem in apple maps (I don't actually know if that's how it works but just thinking it would be a great scenario)

This is the article the screenshots from:

Hey smart folk of mastodon you might have an answer for this:

When I use the default android messaging/txt app on my Pixel are google hooking in and reading/saving my messages?

There's a privacy policy link but it's just a generic google services page with nothing specific.
I found an open source app that seems very similar but kinda wondering if there is any need to worry about switching something that's so basic

It was actually a great learning experience too. Definitely some new perspectives on process that I'll take back to my day job

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I helped out with an open source project over the holidays.

Only in a small way but I am proud 😊
Hopefully just the first of many changes to come

Yo nerds I need some help with Github.

I'm trying to work on an open source project so I forked the project. Some other people have then contributed to master on the original project so I need to get those changes into my fork in a way that allows me to still have a clean pull request back to the original project when my changes are done.
How do I achieve this?

Bear in mind I'm a command line noob so have been using githubs webpage and github desktop/source tree.

Old video but the complaints about production waste are still so relevant.

A few crazy stats in there.
"The average person in the US is targeted with over 3000 ads a day" 🀯


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