Now I want to improve my typing speed. I tested myself on a random website and can type about 50 wpm.
It's really fun playing TypeRacer:
One day I hope to be good enough to succeed in INSTANT DEATH mode.

But typing all those sentences got me thinking. Surely typing code is quite different. And wouldn't you know it, there are specific code typing website out there! So with code I'm only at about 35 wpm. Those dang brackets.
I've been typing java on​

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I've always considered typing speed a non-issue when writing code. For me it seems that I'm always slower thinking about the logic of what code I need to type than I am typing.

Seeing Jeff Atwood (aka @codinghorror) tweet about typing speed being important and reading his article has made me stop and reconsider

I always see advice about writing being a great way to reinforce learning and in this case it's totally true! Writing that post has made dart method parameters so much clearer in my mind especially since I played around with different scenarios so much when creating the examples and dart pad file.

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I've been learning and using dart/flutter for almost 6 months now and one thing that continues to catch me out is how to define method parameters ({named} vs [optional] etc).
Finally spent the time to write a little reference guide that I can refer back to:

Never knew of Advent of Code until today. I'm quite late but still started giving it a go and I'm loving it! 4 stars so far :)

I'm using dart to try and get familiar with the language so I'm slow as anything but I find great fun in trying to solve each little logic puzzle.

Side note: dbrand is the one company I don't mind getting marketing emails from. Always get a good laugh reading the fine print.

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Absolutely in love with this skin from dbrand.

I bought a second hand phone for testing new releases of @e_mydata and added the skin. It's so perfectly nerdy I can't help but smile every time I pick it up

I had some difficulty flashing custom ROMs onto my phone so I wrote myself a guide. Sharing it as I figure someone else might also find it useful

This is the greatest personal website/CV for a dev I have ever seen

I can't really explain how cool and perfectly dev it is you've just gotta go see for yourself (it's less effective on mobile).

Will be installed automatically? So why show me a notification that never goes away? Do I need to do something to make the automatic install happen?

App updates could be explained better on /e/.
Seems I do have to click the notification which takes me to the app store where I have to click update

I love tinkering with tech. Usually that's software related but recently I took apart my old laptop. Partly I wanted to fix the annoying noise it makes and also mostly I'm just curious how it goes together.

Since doing this I've found the fan was indeed the problem so I replaced it and she's good as gold. Also put a SSD in and installed Ubuntu while I was at it and now it's back to being a healthy usable laptop once again!

I just bought two second hand Nexus 5x phones because I'm obsessed with them (I now have 4 😅).

Problem was one hadn't been reset. So I spent the morning learning about android "factory reset protection" grrr.

Boy did I feel like an epic hacker man when I eventually found a way to bypass it.

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The longer you keep your phone the more lightly it would have tread the earth, so think twice when you want to buy a new phone. Do you really need a new phone? The truth is, the most #sustainable phone is the one you already own – so make it last. 🌍 📱


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Super excited to play with my new e-ink tablet. I stare at screens all day so its cool to finally have one that isn't constantly blasting light into my eyeballs.

Its a Boox NoteAir. Runs on android so I can install anything on it which is cool. Also love how the blue and orange looks.

First impressions are good although the default screen refresh mode for the browser and apps you install leaves a bit of ghosting. You can change the setting per app but that's a little annoying

The finger swipe for notifications randomly started working. Not sure what's going on there but I am unreasonable excited about it.
Now the only sacrifice I'm making moving to /e/ is Uber not working (it crashes on app launch). I guess it relies on google service? Weirdly Uber Eats works fine

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Part of my mission is I want to start using as many open source alternatives to apps as possible. I immediate caved on the Launcher. Oops.

Are there any great open source android launchers out there? I believe there should be some that are quite standard but I want the weird and wonderful too

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I'm so excited to have finally installed /e/os ( @e_mydata ) on my old Nexus 5x.
I'm using Smart Launcher 5 so looks nothing like standard /e/os. Yay for android customisability

It's running an outdated android version but that's really no issue, the only thing I miss is swiping the fingerprint scanner to bring up notifications (there's a setting for it but it doesn't work).
Seems super fast so far which is great (pixel experience by comparison definitely had some stuttering).

Great simple visual of just how crazy tracking has gotten on the internet. Facebook knows too much

I feel like it would be useful for a family network or irl friends but less useful for discovering others with similar interests in the way that something like fosstodon does. Not sure how easy it would be to dip my toes in without already knowing people using it

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