I’ve never heard of mastodon before but saw a Reddit xmpp post about this, so here I am. I’ll set up a feed like I have to Twitter to posts from the blog directly come here

@hund I don’t really use social media but curious to see what this is. I wonder if it’s like xmpp where most of my xmpp contacts talk about xmpp :)

@Monal You can find any kinds of people here on the fediverse. It's not invaded by a lot of nerds only. :)

@hund @Monal yeah, apparently dogs are here tooo 😜

And just wait until you8 discover #mastocats… 🙃 @calculsoberic

@Monal Not necessarily! I don't know how much you've read up on it, but Mastodon is just a small part of the "fediverse," and it really depends on the instance as far as what people talk about. Our instance tends to like cats! :bloblaugh:

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