Whats everyones favorite search engine

Retoot for Exposure

@MitchellYeager6 it allows the users to get Google Search results without the tracking and privacy issues

@MitchellYeager6 Searx, at the moment. Instances may be a bit unstable, though.

@MitchellYeager6 Duckduckgo is so good now adays. I love their dark theme.

@MitchellYeager6 it was DDG, but their results have really gone downhill. I’m probably switching to Startpage.

@pete @MitchellYeager6 I've switched to Startpage but a few availability issues. Also, too frequently get challenged for using VPN. May switch back to DDG.

@pete @MitchellYeager6 hi! My I ask what you mean by saying DDG has gone downhill?
I have been using is exclusively for a long time so I might have not noticed what's changed negatively given I have no comparison.

@MitchellYeager6 @chiara DDG’s search results have been less than stellar for quite some time now, unfortunately because of its Bing backend. And this morning I just found out DDG has a deal with Microsoft not to block their trackers. The link says “in the browser”, but I guarantee it doesn’t stop there.

@pete @MitchellYeager6 oh, geez, thank you!
I had no idea about that! Time to change to... is there even a good alternative?
I tend to get used to the software and tools I use and I don't actively keep up or seek alternatives when this stuff happens.

@chiara @MitchellYeager6 I’m either switching to Startpage, or self-hosting a Searx instance. I’ll probably try the former to begin with.

@pete @MitchellYeager6 I'll give them both a try. I remember looking at startpage ages ago and not liking it much, but perhaps it was too early to judge.
Thanks again!

@MitchellYeager6 Kagi is a new up and coming engine. Marketed as the premium choice, respecting privacy and learning re-enforcement features.

Currently free in beta but will be charging soon. It's good but when it becomes to pay for, I'll likely move back to Duck.

@MitchellYeager6 It works very well as Google replacement. Its secret sauce of unique results are rare to see, but it is feature rich.
With duck, I found the results sometimes don't return what I expected and have to revert to Google, but I haven't had to do that with Kagi.
It has some way to go to make it pay-worthy, but it's on the right track for me.

@jpain @MitchellYeager6 same! Been daily driving it for months and have had no reason to go back to DDG or Google. It's great!

@rnilo Do you think you'll pay for it when the time comes?

@jpain leaning toward yes at this point. Will wait and see how it susses out when it goes live.

@rnilo Mind if I ask what the deciding factor is for you?
I'm a little put off by the infancy of the company. I appreciate the philosophy but it's a bit of an unknown to me. Doesn't have the maturity of Duck.

@jpain Curious if there's going to be any value-adds when paying. But I will say that I came from DDG and the search results from Kagi are much better and always giving me exactly what I needed within the top 3 results. DDG never had that level of consistency.

@MitchellYeager6 I like the search engine of Google, but they don't let us just at the "engine"... they force the whole fucking car ride down our throat. So, I use a variety of things I find, none of which I'm happy with and can't be promoted from "tolerates" to "favorite" like that :P

I actually don't believe there's a "best choice" on this matter, but rather a combination of many engines, excluding the ones that are disrespectful to the user by tracking them.

I sometimes prefer Duckduckgo, sometimes Startpage, and even Gigablast and Mojeek in some cases. But I avoid all of them when there's a specialized search engine for what I need, such as for software packages, for instance.

@Tudwall @MitchellYeager6 also a Qwant fan, with a peppering of @Mojeek every now and then to see how they’re doing!

@gray @MitchellYeager6 I never heard about @Mojeek before! I'm gonna check them out, thanks 😁

@MitchellYeager6 but all of those just repackage google's or bing's results. as far as i'm aware there are only two english web crawlers left.

@MitchellYeager6 @daniels i use Qwant and if it doesn't list what I'm looking for (rarely happens), I try my luck with DDG and then Google


Searx, using any/all of the instances (my default search is set to )

I used startpage for a while but there were some things I read about their underlying framework and funding that made me very concerned, so I switched to something which is less single-instance controlled.

@MitchellYeager6 Neeva has been treating me pretty well for a few months now!

@MitchellYeager6 Searx. But doesnt always work so I switch to DuckDuckGo or Startpage in this time.

@MitchellYeager6 Currently in closed beta, but getting better all the time, with open beta coming in <2 weeks.

@MitchellYeager6 "favorite" is probably too strong a word for how I use any of those.

Brave is my default currently, because I use Brave for the built-in adblock, but the cryptocoin makes me 🤢

I go back to Google when Brave's results fail me. And sometimes I use DDG

@MitchellYeager6 Why was Ecosia grouped with Duckduckgo when it has been sourcing its results from Bing since 2917?

@MitchellYeager6 depends whether i want to see ads for what I'm searching or not ;-)

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